Featured News Neighbours complain to HDB over "excessive cooking smell" from nearby unit

Neighbours complain to HDB over “excessive cooking smell” from nearby unit




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A letter that a HDB-dwelling Malay family received has gone viral after making its way around the Internet and social media. Mr Daud and Mdm Sari were sent a letter from the Housing Development Board (HDB) to ask them to curb their cooking as a result of the excessive smell emitted.

The letter was titled ‘Feedback on excessive cooking smell’. It stated, “Please refer to above subject matter. We had received feedback on excessive cooking smell coming from your unit”.


Many Singaporeans who chanced upon the post online were outraged and shocked that even an issue such as this was brought up. The HDB letter, shared on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff was captioned, “What are they cooking siol? Where is the harmony among neighbours lah, dey?”

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Other netizens who commented on the post were very surprised at the lack of tolerance, especially for something as trivial as cooking smells. Some also said in jest that the Government should ban cooking in HDB apartments, just as they were looking to place a ban on smoking.

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