Featured News Neighbour from hell constantly bangs walls and calls the police on family...

Neighbour from hell constantly bangs walls and calls the police on family of five for no apparent reason

The family have resorted to sleeping in the living room to avoid the neighbour's incessant banging on the walls but to no avail




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A frustrated mother of three took to social media to vent after being allegedly harassed by her neighbour.

Her neighbour, who she claims is a single man in his 40’s without a job, allegedly bangs on her “room wall with an object every single day and night even at 1am when the kids are all asleep”.

“I have 3 small kids that get badly affected”, 31 year-old housewife Ada said.

She also said that her neighbour will pound on the wall that separates their apartments in Circuit Road if he hears any sound. She adds that she and her husband have even resorted to creeping to the washroom at night so as not to disturb her three small children.

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Tired and frustrated, the family shifted to sleeping in their living room. However, Ada alleges that her neighbour will go so far as to call the police in the wee hours of the morning if he hears no sounds coming from their bedroom.

“And since we are sleeping in the living room, I heard (sic) his sandal walking through and fro and stop in front of my unit and walking back and forth again”, she said.

The issue has escalated to such an extent that Ada fears leaving her house alone or with her children.

In her post on social media, she also explained the toll it has taken on her children: “My 1st boy is in Primary 1 and needs to go to school. He is badly affected that he cannot go to school due to lack of sleep. He have (sic) difficulties breathing, meltdowns and panic attacks”.

As of now, the family has resorted to calling the HDB (Housing Development Board) to complain, meeting with their MP, reporting the matter to the police for civil harassment, engaging a lawyer, collecting report numbers from police officers to bring to court, going around to affected neighbours to write in and also getting medical reports for her son. But, she adds, “this need time and process (sic) but this will continue till the court date, but my son needs to go to school”.

As of two days ago (July 15), the family also installed CCTVs in their living room.

Ada posted videos of her two children crying, frustrated and wishing they did not have the neighbour they did.

She also shared another video, with the sound of her neighbour banging on the wall, supposedly at 1am.

Read her full post here.

Ada has been speaking to her other neighbours as well and putting together a petition. /TISG

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