Nearly 40-year old Singaporean boxer wipes the floor with Thai opponent 15 years his junior; clinches prestigious WBC title


39-year-old Singaporean boxer Mohamad Nor Rizan won the World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia Continental bantamweight title at The Pavilion at Far East Square over the weekend, after beating Thailand’s Piched Chianawa following nine grueling rounds.

It was Rizan’s perseverance that led him to clinch the title over his 24-year-old opponent who almost got Rizan to fold at least five times during the match.

But each time, Rizan rose. He refused to buckle and eventually won the match because he was prepared for the long game, while his opponent aimed for an early knock-out.

Rizan told a local daily that he was able to read Piched’s game plan:

“I knew his game plan, and I was able to read it. He knew that I am much older, and wouldn’t have the endurance. So he tried to go for a knockout from the fifth round onwards, but I was already prepared for a 10-round fight.