NEA slaps Singapore resident with hefty $300 fine for spitting in public


The National Environment Agency (NEA) has apparently issued a $300 fine to an individual here for spitting in public. According to a photo of the summon, the offence occurred on Thursday (1 Mar) near the Burger King outlet at Paya Lebar Road.

A photo of the summon was posted on a public Facebook group, “FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum),” this afternoon. The photo shows that the individual who has been served the summon must pay the $300 fine by 16 April or risk a heftier punishment:

According to Environmental Public Health Act (Chapter 95, Section 113), those who spit or expel mucus from the nose at a public place could be fined a maximum fine of S$1,000 for first offence; a maximum fine of S$2,000 for the second offence and; up to S$5,000 for third and subsequent offences.

This is not the first time a photo of a $300 summon for spitting in a public place has circulated online. In May last year, another Singapore resident was fined $300 for the same offence at New Upper Changi Road.


  1. If one says something one time and the tune changes later because someone else says a contradictory, why is there a need to change one’s position!?

    • Very common in police charges…you did steal, you did touch the said victim’s breast, you did set house number 8888 on firem you did jaywalk.

      I think it’s some old English writing since long ago…

  2. Law is here to guide. Penalties are to deter. Break it and answer it. Lets be reminded of the most common ones which are almost forgotten but for the good of everyone.

  3. Pay each and all affected commuters sgd1000 for every breakdown and delay. Sorry not accepted. Alternative transport also not accepted. Pay us sgd1000

    • We take this kind of articles as sharing so all citizens know spitting is an offence in Singapore but our PRC visitors need to be aware. I made it a point to highlight to friends from China.

  4. A fine city. Punishment should fit the crime. How much do you want? How much fear you want to instill? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?
    Then what about children urinating and defaecating in public, a case of culture conflict? Should they be fine or warned? or different justice is served to different people, a case of one system two laws or one law two systems? This silly place is getting ridiculous. Expect more silly fights.

  5. Should they also fine those with bad body of of ours in the buses n trains? Equally disgusting right? How about those who speak with saliva flying all directions….n in the parliamen!

  6. Nothing wrong with the summon if this guy don’t do it NEA can’t fine him , keep clean is for all of us not government, government don’t walk on the road is we use the street

  7. This fine is much higher than a speeding ticket.
    An obvious hypocrisy and money grabbing scheme. Dafts have short memory, should learn to recall the clowns and politicking sycophants helming NEA.

  8. Yes! This is one time NEA has done a really good job! I am working in the Paya Lebar area and see all these Chinese uncles spitting without a care in the world. It’s so disgusting! IA very bad image for Singapore!

  9. How I wish LTA enforces rules on use of motor vehicles on footpaths with same vigor. That would make our footpaths safe for our elderly and small children.

    • Yes more heavy fines and draconian laws for dafts. Make it an ugly society that everyone gets on one another.

  10. Fine quantum is manifestly inadequate, should be fined $3000 for deterrence as well as to take into account the difficulty and cost of enforcement!

  11. Well, that’s about the same fine amount as littering. So why is it an issue?

    In fact, he should be fined more! Coz a spit contains all the nasty stuff that cause health problems for everyone else!

    Don’t want to pay then let it lapse and go to court to argue your case in front of the judge. Perhaps all these coffee shop logic can be used in his defense.

    • Government should raise the fines further, make them higher and more equal, make them the world’s highest, just like ministers pay, then the issues will go away.

  12. Why stop at fines, more people should go to prisons. More taxes should be collected to feed the prisoners since this is such an ugly society. Let the vicious cycle feed on one another to wake these fukers.

  13. Is he a Singaporean ? If he is not , then why we debate about this . We are too caring about others rather then care about Singaporean in this tiny island. Same with jobs , transport and eat etc

  14. NEA fined my neighbour $200 cos he placed flower pots outside his unit and i think mosquitoes were bleeding. The NEA officer asked him to appeal to MP. Lol.

  15. So make sure dont talk too much or fast in public, if not any spit of saliva ( from talking too much or fast) at a public place could be fined!

  16. Spitting was an offence thirty or forty years ago as it could start a health problem …
    We don’t want to step on it or have heavenly spit blessing when some idiots spit out from the window!

    I know PRC people still do that in those places mentioned like Geylang, Aljunied MRT.
    Maybe we should have all the offences that are not tolerated here put in print and given out to visitors??

    Curious to know if anyone have seen western visitors spit in public as we stopped this habit by law here in Singapore 30 over years ago but China has not put a stop on that habit among their citizens?

    By the way we stop urinating in public some 30 or 40 years ago, too!
    An offence punishable by law and deemed culturally unrefined

  17. Only stupid sinkies will take dead man’s draconian laws further. All fines from NEA are out of proportion. The PAP arse licker helming NEA is well know for harassing disendents.
    Remember the mosquitoes plague saga? NEA went into homes to haress and nickpick on residents at first, while the real breeding grounds are in the camps and worksites. They only took actions after netizens voiced this out.

  18. Yes, $300000 this is what some ministars are making in a day. I can take this job at half price and raise the fines further to stamp the problem quickly. It’s very easy.

  19. Next time don’t spit in public.. just swallow it back as if it is just like drinking water though it may taste a bit sour..

    Next, ‘FINE’ for farting in public places.

  20. you mean the guy actually gave his particulars to the NEA officer ??!!…….just walk away or run…….you think the guy will chase you down ?

  21. LTA should do something similar…just one time the guy will be scared. Streets very safe again. Hit the Chinese first cuz I think the Bangladeshi just follow…

  22. Sometimes u really need to spit, this is human nature, if nea say this can not that can not,
    pigon dropping is more harmfull,wat have they done to controll that…
    Sometimes ppl need to use their brains b4 coming up with rules..

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