NDP Bird Boy: Scolded by school, embraced by netizens


One innocent-looking boy stole the show over the flashy fireworks, festivities and fanfare that a dedicated executive committee and countless volunteers put together as part of the highly anticipated National Day Parade (NDP) 2017 yesterday. And he did so by simply raising one middle finger.

The boy who made news as the “highlight of the night” has been identified as a Henry Park Primary School pupil and is reportedly “deeply apologetic” for his actions. The school principal told a local daily that the boy has been counselled, while a photo of the boy being reprimanded has also gone viral.

While some online have called the boy rude and his gesture inappropriate, the majority of netizens have embraced the boy, with one Singaporean even commenting that the boy “speaks for many of us.”

Some imaginative netizens also linked the young boy to prominent public figures and socio-political issues:

Netizens were also skeptical about whether a boy of that age is able to feel apologetic without being forced to.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a child has flashed a middle finger during an NDP telecast. Just last year, this happened:


Posted by Tresthon Quah on Wednesday, 9 August 2017


  1. Bravo! Let’s celebrate! Some might say he is just a child, but a child growing up with improper attitude and upbringing, is just walking into a very unforgiving world.

    But what do his supporters care, they just support with words, see if they will lend a hand when he screws up next time.

    Showing no respect to the country he lives in and will grow up in with all its benefits, see how far he will go, I’m surely not gonna lift a finger when his head meets a baseball bat.

    • Michael G R Lum when you said when his head meet a baseball bat you showed malice towards a young boy. You do not know his future so don’t predict what’s going to happen. I’ve also been there done that. So don’t talk big. You will get your come uppance in his time not mine.

    • Andey Kurniawan tell me which system in the world is not like that? If you’re unhappy, do something to change it. Voting for the opposition ain’t gonna change anything, there are no credible candidates from the opposition to do anything. I mean honestly, they can’t even take care of a GRC let alone a country.

      But at least those politicians are TRYING. Meanwhile think about how to earn your keeps, plan your financials, invest & grow your money for livelihood and retirement. Stop lamenting about how the system is or gonna be. SG will not feed you nor reduce prices to make your life easier.

    • Johnny Laxman Ho Ching is already an adult, nothing can be done to change her mentality and mindset.

      But this kid, is still teachable. And so such behavior should come with a lesson to be remembered. So perhaps he will grow up right.

      Please compare apples to apples, Ho Ching didn’t post that picture on National Day, even if you are disgruntled about the system, show the respect for the country which you carry the passport and IC.

    • Yes he has been taught a lesson. He’s a slave to the PAP being forced to take part in a ‘celebration’ when he and most others didn’t want to. He should know his place. He is sheep. PAP says jump, he asks how high. He shows his frustration by showing the finger, the other sheep will condemn him.


    • Michael Tay that’s where you’re wrong. The school took part in the celebration and it was a Singapore celebration not a PAP one. Coz if it was, what’s WP doing there? Lol!

      And as I know, participation is voluntary and parents have to sign off on it. I’m quite sure no one forced it on him.

      When you said most others didn’t want to participate, do you have proof to back that up or it’s just an assumption of yours because of your unhappiness with the PAP?

      Besides he’s the only one that raised the middle finger, the others look to be happy celebrating.

      Don’t impose your own opinion and take advantage of the incident to push your agenda

    • They are forced. Seriously, which child is allowed to say “No, I don’t want to participate.” Yeah, they ‘look’ happy! Haha

      It’s obvious you’re new here because you’ve not heard about how unhappy people are having to waste their weekends rehearsing for this parade. You’re also forgetting about all the ‘volunteers’ act as laborers to set up everything weekend in and weekend out. FYI, Singapore is one of the few countries in the world that still has this kind of military parade for National Day. I think China and North Korea are among them.

      I have no agenda. I just find it offensive we have a parade like this forcing people to do it just so sheep can pretend they’re patriotic when they watch it. If watching the NDP once a year makes you patriotic, then you don’t understand what real patriotism is. Do away with this bullshit, we’re not communists.

      Oh and only a ‘patriotic’ cunt says he wouldn’t aid a CHILD who is getting hit in the head by a baseball bat. Yeah we love how you love our country!

    • Michael Tay you’re assuming I’m not Singaporean. So thank you for the account of what you think of Singapore.

      I had my share of national day parade myself. Guard of honor contingent in my first year of NS and area security for my second. My son was in the PGS this national day and his attitude was, doing it was better than the usual routine. He has a choice not to be involved but he chose to.

      So don’t tell me it’s not voluntary in the schools! I have enough ex classmates from Uni who are teachers who can tell you it is so!

      All I know is something that need to be done so do it. Besides you get to mingle with the girls and we did looked good in uniform

    • Lum, maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. But any fella who was arrowed to be in the guard of honor contingent never volunteered nor have they enjoyed it. Nobody, especially an NSF, would ever enjoy burning the weekends they have.

      As for your son ‘volunteering’ to be involved in this, we only have your word for it. I know teachers who together with their students are ‘volunteered’ by MOE. Saying ‘no’ is not the option.

      I think sheep like you just do as you’re told and lie to yourselves and everyone else you’re happy about it even when you’re not. Our government shouldn’t be forcing servicemen, who already sacrificing to do this. And they definitely should not force underage kids who have better things to do on their weekends. North Korea does this.

      Your opinion is your’s. Good for you. You’re still a cunt.

    • Michael Tay well try me. I’m still in touch with my active unit guys and my reserve unit guys.

      You wanna bet if what I said is true?

      Just admit it, you have an attitude problem.

      And whose the ‘we’ you keep referring to?

      Besides national parade weekend burned is at most a month!!!!! It’s not every weekend for 2.5 years!
      Just one month of weekend burned and you kpkb, ‘weak in the brain’ is what we called the guys with THAT kind of attitude!

    • Lum, this is the internet, you can talk cock sing song but say this and that. But in this case, your own words betrayed you.

      Attitude problem? Because I think people shouldn’t be forced to do things they don’t want to do? Riiiiight!

      One month of weekends? You mean you’re saying you only rehearsed for 4 Saturdays? Hahaha caught again in a lie. “We”, as in people who know you’re lying. You never served. Or perhaps you did. But you sure as hell never participated in an NDP parade or you’d know better.

      It’s actually quite pathetic you would lie about this. People who were forced to participate wasted weekends of their lives while you take credit for something you never took part in. What a cunt.

    • Leong Isaac at least got something to hao lian, you got nothing so sour grape huh.

      Got the time to use your cam phone to take photo to ‘oversee’ what an old man is doing and post on FB but don’t know to offer a helping hand instead. You’re underachieving so looking for some fame?

    • Leong Isaac you’re complaining so much on things that doesn’t concern you and you’re still living here enjoying the benefits provided by the system headed by the admirable uncle. You really don’t have to say anything.

      If not for young adults like my son, we wouldn’t have a place to call home if we need to depend on the likes of you!

      Show us some honor and integrity and leave! Then we say you have something to be proud of. Otherwise you’re nothing more than a free loader and leech!

  2. What is this hoohaa? A young kid and everyone trying to shame him? He may not even know the meaning of that. It just monkeys see, monkeys do. Youtubers are fond of using such crude signs and four letters words like dxxk, cxxt, etc etc. Blame it on the adults if you want. Why need to go to such an extent of like trying to get that pound of flesh from him???