National Day Celebrations and Our Nation Flags

Another discoloured Nation flag

Letter to editor

National Day, August 9.  ND Rally, August 20.  A feature of the celebrations is the display of our Nation flags, plus buntings and banners, where applicable.  Usually, these are up a week before August 9.  To date, it’s seven weeks;  since ND rally, a month.

In our precinct, each and every of our Nation flags are discoloured, including all the buntings and most of the banners.  Many of these are badly discoloured.  It’s downright  disrespectful, disgraceful.

In the main pic, the four Nation flags are not stretched out neatly.  Both the flags on the right side are torn.  The vertical banner is blown off the right pillar.  In this position for weeks.

The 2nd pic.  The Nation flag conceals the block number, 230F.  Another discoloured Nation flag, torn in two places, pole not vertical, 900.  As are all the other flags, Nation and community, tilted.

The Nation flag conceals the block number, 230F

Flags are a pride of a nation.  Especially for us.  The meaning of the crescent and the five stars, the colours red and white.  Flag raising and lowering are carried out with dignity.

Could we execute this right come August 9, 2018?

Jairus Lau

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  1. Not only in Tampines, Tiong bahru some houses national flags hang by the RC are left hanging in rain and shine. Hahaha colour are fading. Still hanging there. During ND want to show flags hanged out to show every houses are patriotic. But how many knows that these flags are normally hanged on some flats not by the residents staying in that individual unit?

    This compared the past during 80s- every household will hanged singapore flag willingly when National day is near. Everyone will stand out those selected roads to see the mobile column drive past. I remembered sometimes straight after the parade itself. Some small light tanks and police vehicles and fire engines. What a nice celebration and live mobile column. What does this show now and in the past?

    Why are Singaporeans getting far apart and not feeling patriotic anymore. Who cause this?

  2. It is sad. Many “True Blue Singaporeans” are disappointed that the Govt does not want to “Listen” to the people! They keep bringing in more and more “FTs” and this has resulted in a very crowded and overpopulated Country. It seems all the Govt is interested in is to make more money to justify and finance their Millions in Salary.

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