Najib in state of shock at ‘betrayal’ within Umno

Ex-PM Najib Razak is in a state of disbelief that he was betrayed by party members in the recently concluded General Elections in Malaysia.

Najib said to a small gathering organised by his loyal supporters that party members were behind the party’s failed bid to retain power in May.

The Umno suffered a huge defeat in the elections, but Najib won his seat in Pekan, Pahang. Most of the support he is getting these days are from his constituents.

But Najib said the main reason the party suffered its first electoral defeat was the presence of turncoats.

He said many of them held party posts but decided to go against him and the party.

He believes the turncoats – organised in factions within the Umno – put their personal interest ahead of the party.

“We only think of how we could profit. We think more for our factions, and if we don’t get what we want, we would go as far as betraying the party,”  he said as quoted by Sinar.

He said those turncoats believed as if they held the party ransom.

“And what is weirder is that they are done by those with positions so it’s not surprising then if we were to be attacked by our opponents, being seen as a party that has lost the traditional values of its struggle.”

“It’s better for people like these to leave Umno. We only want those who will die for the party,” he firmly stated.


Najib and almost all opposition (Umno and PAS) members – with the exception for the former Minister of Sports Khairy Jamaluddin – made a walk-out today at the Parliament, protesting the appointment of a former Judge as House Speaker.

Umno and PAS lawmakers walked out of the Parliament (first seating since the Pakatan Harapan won the elections) at the time of the new speaker Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof’s swearing-in ceremony.

They said his appointment was against the Standing Orders.

PM Tun Dr Mahathir had said on Sunday Mohamad Ariff will be the new speaker.

However, Netizens are saying Najib is behind the walk-out as “he could not resist the need to leave the Parliament House in order not to be faced with Dr Mahathir.”