Featured News Naib still the strong man in Johor in Politweet's social media survey

Naib still the strong man in Johor in Politweet’s social media survey




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In an interview with WFTV, Politweet said all indications are out there that PM Najib Razak is still a driving force in the state of Johor. This is based on a survey the research agency conducted on Social Media in the wake of the upcoming 14th General Elections, or GE14.

When asked whether former PM Mahathir Mohamad did make an impact on the voters in the state, the Politweet spokesperson told WFTV the research organisation is currently working on a more detailed study.

But as of Dec 2017, the division of interest between Mahathir and Najib by potential voters on Facebook in Johor is:

13.73% = Mahathir only
19.61% = Mahathir + Najib
66.67% = Najib only

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“So essentially 2/3 of Johor users interested in Mahathir or Najib don’t show any interest in Mahathir on their page likes or FB posts. Given all the media coverage on Mahathir in the last 2 years as well as his candidacy for PM, this is not a good sign for PH.”

WFTV asked whether PAS made any headway in the state, and will be able to challenge Umno on its ground during the GE14.

PAS out!

The spokesperson said: “I wouldn’t say PAS has made headway. In fact, if you look at the Facebook statistics from the report, PAS has the weakest reach compared to PKR and DAP.

“But one thing about PAS supporters is that they aren’t very actively posting about PAS on Twitter or Facebook.

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