Asia Malaysia Mystery load of 89kg on MH370 fuels stowaway hijacker theory

Mystery load of 89kg on MH370 fuels stowaway hijacker theory




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A team of French investigators looking into MH370 discovered a ‘mysterious load of 89kg’ added to the flight list fuelling theories of a hijacking of the plane.

Ghyslain Wattrelos, who lost his wife and two teenage children on the Malaysia Airlines flight says the additional weight in the cargo was revealed in a new report on the passengers and baggage.

He told Le Parisien, a magazine in France, the load was added after the plane took-off, adding that a container was also overloaded, without anyone knowing why.

Experts could not draw any conclusion whether it was incompetence or manipulation.

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The mystery load could add further evidence to the theory that a stowaway hijacked the plane.

French investigators were given a pile of documents from Boeing that will take one year to analyse, says Wattrelos.

However, preliminary investigations suggest ‘someone was behind the control stick when the plane broke up in the Indian Ocean’.

The ailing airline has not released full cargo manifest of the doomed flight on March 8, 2014 and last year, victims’ families called on the Malaysian government to release more cargo details.

French sources are saying it is now for the Malaysians to explain why the cargo list was modified after take-off and why the discrepancies in the weight.

The new information comes from a report produced by French investigators at the research section of the Air Transport Gendarmerie in France after they visited the Boeing Headquarters in Seattle for more information on the plane.

There are many theories why the plane went missing and the idea of a hijack has been floating around since the day the plane was reported lost on Malaysian radars.

Five years later, the plane is still missing with few sightings of debris and an extensive and expensive search and rescue that did not deliver any results.

Only a few parts that were collected in the Indian Ocean are said to be from the missing plane.

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