Mynah flies business class with Singapore Airlines flight to London

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Singapore – The bird might have gotten tired of flying so it decided to hitch a ride with a Singapore Airlines flight to London on January 7.

A few days ago, passengers on Singapore Airlines flight SQ322 headed to London had an unusual experience when they saw that their seatmate was not human but a mynah, a bird of the starling family common to Singapore.

A video was submitted to the Facebook group @fabricationsAboutThePAP that showed the mynah perched on one of the business class seats as if it was just another ordinary day. The mynah was even looking left and right as if to greet the other passengers beside him. The man it was closest to had headphones on which made him oblivious to what was behind him.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

According to Singapore Airlines, the flight was already 12 hours into its route before the mynah was spotted. The bird could have entered the plane while it was landed and hid in a dark area to rest like an overhead bin, which would explain no one finding him until thousands of feet above the ground. The lower pressure caused by high altitudes might have prompted the mynah to make an appearance and catch its breath.

In the video, a cabin personnel tried to handle the situation but startled the bird causing it to take flight. When the plane landed in London, the bird was successfully captured and handed over to local animal quarantine authorities.

Watch the short clip here:

Making every journey personal. Even little birdie knows Singapore Airlines is a great way to fly to London. #submitted Birdie need to stretch its wing in mid flight.

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Friday, 11 January 2019

Netizen Vivienne Wong shares the news and adds a witty caption describing the bird to be a VIB (Very Important Bird).

Photo: Facebook screengrab