Myanmar maid jailed 4 months for punching old woman with parkinson’s disease she was caring for


A maid who punched a sickly elderly woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease was jailed for four months on May 3rd after pleading guilty to assault. The maid, Gracy Law Rice (24), was angry that the 72-year-old Madam Wong Poh Lin couldn’t swallow her porridge properly and punched her. The incident took place on 10 July last year.

Grace, a Myanmar national, was hired by Madam Wong’s eldest daughter in April last year. Madam Wong’s condition made her weak and she had difficulty walking. The 24-year-old’s duties included caring for Madam Wong and her husband, who both lived at a flat in Whampoa Drive. Their children, who live elsewhere, visit them once every two weeks.

On 10 July, frustrated that Madam Wong dribbled porridge out of her mouth, Rice punched her in the chest. The injuries were spotted by Madam Wong’s daughter who sent her to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. A medical check revealed that she had bruises to her chest and left buttock, cuts on her right shin, right elbow and left cheek. Madam Wong’s son reported the incident to the Police after it was brought to his attention.

Police investigations revealed that the incident on 10 July was the only time Rice abused the elderly woman. She had scolded Madam Wong in the past when she could not swallow her porridge. Investigations also showed that Rice had caused the old woman to sustain injuries on her face, right leg and buttocks accidentally. Rice couldn’t explain the cause of the other injuries.