“My conscience is clear” – Low Thia Khiang on WP being dragged to court by AHTC

Sylvia Lim, Low Thia Khiang & Pritam Singh

Workers’ Party chief Low Thia Khiang in speaking to the media after being summoned to Court by the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council independent panel, said that his conscience was clear and that he had not personally benefitted from any lapse.

“My conscience in clear. We are acted in good faith and in the best interest of our residents.There is no dishonest intention.” – Mr Low

Mr Low who appeared with the other 2 opposition Members of Parliament being summoned – Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Pritam Singh – said that he was not concerned if they lost Aljunied GRC as a result of this debacle. He believes that the younger members of his party will come forward to serve Singaporeans if that were to happen.

FB LIVE: Workers' Party MPs Mr Low Thia Khiang, Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Pritam Singh address allegations, in a lawsuit filed by the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, that they had acted in breach of their fiduciary duties. Read more: http://bit.ly/2vZ8lZp

Posted by TODAY on Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Independent Panel was set up to investigate governance lapses and improper payments using public funds in the town council. It was appointed by the AHTC at the behest of Housing & Development Board, is seeking to claim a total of S$4,790,095.49 in court comprising S$622,593.78 in liquidated claims and S$4,167,501.71 in unliquidated claims.

Besides the 3 MPs other defendants that have been named in the lawsuit include former WP Youth Wing executive committee member, Chua Zhi Hon; deputy organising secretary of the WP and WP candidate in Nee Soon GRC in the 2015 General Election, Kenneth Foo; owner of AHTC’s former managing agent firm FM Solutions and Services (FMSS), How Weng Fan; and FMSS.

The independent panel was set up in February 2017 after audit firm KPMG released a report last year that AHTC had put millions of dollars from public funds at risk of improper use due to governance lapses from 2011-2015. KPMG had flagged payments to the town council’s then-managing agent FMSS as ‘improper’ since the owners of FMSS held key management and financial control positions in the town council at the same time.

The KPMG report asserted that this meant that FMSS effectively approved and made payments to itself using public funds.

Ms Lim in speaking to the press today reiterated what the political party had earlier said, that they “reject these allegations against (them)”.

In a press release issued this morning, the 3 MP said that they had engaged M/s Tan Rajah and Cheah to defend them, and that they are taking legal advice and will contest the lawsuit and lay out our case vigorously in court.

In emphasising that the accused MPs have acted in good faith and in the best interests of the Town Council and our residents, the statement said that they “will be furnishing more information so that all concerned will be clearer on the issues and why (they) made the decisions and acted as (they) did.”

AHTC filed a writ of summons regarding a breach of fiduciary duty in the High Court last Friday. A pre-trial conference has been set for 31 August 2017.

The independent panel is chaired by senior counsel Philip Jeyaretnam, and includes senior counsel N. Sreenivasan and KPMG managing partner Ong Pang Thye. Interestingly, Philip Jeyaretnam is the younger son of late opposition politician J.B. Jeyaratnam who led the Workers’ Party from 1971 to 2001.


  1. After siblings accusing abuse of power, 9 MRT breakdowns in 14days, NAC kenna rubbished & even gotta kowtow say sorry to PRC, one has to be dumb to think NEW PAP dun need a diversion.

  2. This GRC WP team goes … another WP team comes in , simple thumb rule .. PAP is a foregone in this GRC . We are not bothered by this dumb n stupid game

  3. One should learn to shut up when you are not all that perfect because if you ask for trouble, trouble will trouble you!

    Sibling cannot sue but opposition sue until pants drop! You asked for it, you get it!


    • PLP pappy! Think you smart urh? Posting what you posted ? It only show that you are a coward without any level of principle …..following where the wind blows thinking yourself street smart but in effect a fool!!
      KNN ! Nahbeh ! You ask fir it …Diu li Diu tu xiong tin fa ban !!

    • Allen Lpk riiiiight! Call me a dog so you can pretend I don’t exist and you don’t have to kick your own ass for supporting those who will soon lose their pants!

    • Mohan Sinnapillay and you’re doing the same for yours who are gonna lose their pants! Maybe

      So you say I’m one because only those who does the same can recognize their own! Duh!

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    • Michael! Karma teaches people lessons they won’t forget. One should go bath in holy water and ask for forgiveness because curses thrown at them will impact their ability to live life to the fullest. Have you heard of the Bell Witches curse? Google and learn. A curse not only extend to the parents but to the children and children new generation as well. The members in the curse hang themselves for no reason, the roof fell over them, death by serious heart attacks and more. Go read Bell Witches so that you can become a good boy.

    • Maybe some morons will understand better if things are spelt out in baby language. Otherwise they think they are damn smart.

      The 3 WP clowns are town councilors in AHTC. AHTC formed an independent committee to look into missing monies and decided to BRING THEIR OWN COUNCILMAN UP ON CHARGES TO ANSWER FOR WHERE THE MISSING MONIES ARE!

      If these morons read properly and understand, they will see, it is not PAP nor LHL fixing them! It’s ownself fix ownself!

    • Sivaramalingam Puthusamy at least I am proud to be supporting the right party.

      You seem to be supporting the party where their own people stab their own in the back!

    • Michael Lum, when politicians are in trouble, they will divert attention of the masses to something else. The most common way is through nationalism or racial and religious animosity among the masses. In Singapore, our PM wouldn’t resort to these methods as he will destroy the country which his father had built up painstakingly and be called an unfilial son again. But here is a pathetic politician trying to divert attention to something else and I feel sad for these WP MPs for being the sacrificial cows. I really don’t understand why your attention can be so easily diverted to this seemingly minute case of town council fund abuse where the current focus at the national level is executive power abuse as revealed by the inner circle, not any random outsider. I really feel sorry for you for being so naive.

    • Xianhong Low where’s your proof of executive power abuse?

      I hope is not a case of he says she says and you believed.

      Besides I’m only a common citizen, why should I naively think my opinion will change anything if there are anything to change at those high levels? Do you think you can do anything?

      So I concentrate on matters closer to the ground like town council funds mismanagement.

      It is you who is naive and I don’t feel sorry for you.

    • Sivaramalingam Puthusamy booooooo! Still only can spew profanity when got nothing to say.

      You just need to have the last one for your self esteem even if it’s just profanity!?

      Tsk tsk tsk no wonder WP ownself stab ownself! Because all they have are people like you

    • Sivaramalingam Puthusamy errrr…..you are the moron still arguing with me. You do not realize?

      New Year in New York is awesome! Only clowns like you don’t know.

    • Michael Lum, here you are again, victim of absurdity, don’t you think that absurdity had reached its height when the PM chose a venue where the only people with the goods don’t have a voice and no one in that place had enough data to make a charge except maybe some people who are his allies and subsequently declared that he did nothing wrong?

    • GR Lum likes to pay focus on mismanagement on funds? Why not u share ur view on the fund on SG50 projects n YOG, isn’t this part of funds mismanagement? Just bcos our ministers admitted n said sorry, no legal actions or fine will be imposed? How about the Sg reserves hilited by our late president Ong? To date we have not seen the clear accounting of the monies as they claimed took many years to provide, did they give us a specific date yet?

    • Claudia Teo for the SG50 projects and YOG, the ministers admitted and apologized, but now these 3 clowns still maintained their innocence even after mounting evidence and 2 independent audits suggest otherwise! See the difference? THAT IS WHY THEY ARE NOW IN THIS SITUATION that is brought upon them BY THEIR OWN PEOPLE! OMG! You can’t tell the difference???? And if you think the ministers should be persecuted, perhaps you can bring them up on charges? Otherwise no point harping on the issue where no one wants to do anything!

      As for the reserves, what OTC started he did not live to see the matter to its end. So unless another president continue to press for it, you and I will never get to see the accounts. But does it matter really? Singapore is still one of few countries with surpluses and we are not broke! Life is still rosy in Singapore compared to our neighbors and as far as US and Europe! So you’re really biting onto matters that has very little significance and grinding an axe for nothing.

    • Xianhong Low it’s called controlling the situation. Only those who wants in but are excluded because they fail the requirements would call it a bad thing.

      But at least there is solidarity in the PM’s camp unlike in this case, the WP clowns are called to answer for something they have denied, tried to sweep under the carpet, have no clue and refused to be accountable for BY THEIR OWN! This shows NO CONTROL.

    • Michael G R Lum , yes, MP by admitting mistakes when they ran out of excuses to cover the big $Millions loss (value is worst than AHTC) under their mismanagement must be given the same treatment on how oppositions were treated. That is my point. What is happening underneath our reserves n created a so-called surplus n rosy life painted to naive Singaporean like u to believe

    • Claudia Teo oh did you know Temasek posted profits more than earlier losses?

      You still don’t get the point. Whether the MP admit to mistakes or as you assumed (I supposed you have hard evidence to back up they made excuses to cover big $Million losses) they ran out of excuses, THEY ADMITTED TO THE LOSSES!

      In the 3 WP clowns and their cronies case, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE MONIES WENT! They can’t account for it and after two independent audits telling them IN THE FACE they failed in their duties THEY STILL DID NOTHING! So now, their own town council is bringing them to court to answer for it!
      Do you get it? In short, admit mistake when you were wrong compared to not knowing what your mistake are and pretend nothing is wrong! Geddit?

      As for your assumptions to what’s with our so called reserves, I supposed you have hard concrete indisputable evidence to back up your claim?
      If you do, I suggest you sue the govt! But if you don’t, then it’s just another conspiracy theory that you came up with. I would look forward to seeing you in the papers suing the govt on what’s happening with the so called reserves.

      I think you’re the naive one who believed in conspiracy theories.

      “It’s not what you think happened, it’s what you can prove”

    • Claudia Teo one more thing, when you said they must be given the same treatment on how the oppositions were treated, I suppose you’re referring to the WP clowns being taken to court?

      If it is so, you might wanna get your story right WHO IS BRINGING THEM TO COURT?! Give you a clue, is it 1) PAP, 2) LHL or 3) AHTC?

      (AHTC is WP’s town council)

      • Can Claudia teo a normal citizen sue d govt?She ain’t a mp nor any big shot, thus even with concrete proof u think she can do anything abt it? Maybe jyz maybe MDM halimah could or will she?

    • Michael G R Lum, it is called manipulating the situation. As I have emphasized, who is in that chamber? Why not select a place which is not populated by his affiliates? You believe in the so-call lifting of whip, naive again. You are not living in the West, you are living in Asia where respect for authority cannot be questioned. Even if your company has a whistle blowing policy, would you dare to confront your CEO directly, embassing him in front of everyone, which in this case, embarassing your boss in front of 6 billion people since the debate is broadcasted live?

    • Why a committee was set up to look into the WP’s while resisting the establishment of a committee to look into the accusations of the PM’s siblings on the abuse of power?

    • Xianhong Low it always only take one person to do differently from others to yield results. And in this case that’s what AHTC did. If they are afraid and be very Asian, we will never know where the monies have gone.

      It is alright to me if WP clowns wants to award contracts to affiliated companies. Chinese have been doing that for centuries and even the West too. But what is most important is if you’re in charge, you’re ultimately responsible to being accountable. It is wrong to say you have awarded contracts, make payment but cannot account for it. Doing it in good faith and conscience is clear does not excuse one from being responsible.

      AHTC is not questioning those clowns why they gave contracts to affiliated co., AHTC is asking them to account for where all the monies have gone and also if proper procedures are followed.

    • Xianhong Low if my CEO is corrupted, I would be doing myself a favor by exposing him. So yes I will do it. Not doing it is gonna hurt me eventually.

      Btw, AHTC is not whistle blowing, they are acting on 2 independent audits that highlighted discrepancies and those clowns have had ample time since 2015 to clarify and they did not. Instead they push it here and there and around and eventually the heat died down. It is now coming back to bite them in the ass.

      It would be whistle blowing IF those clowns were never given a chance to clarify on the matter and stabbing their bosses in the back even after closed doors discussion among themselves.

    • The PM, like the WP clowns, tried to pass off the problem and sweep everything under the carpet. Did he, like what his siblings accused, threaten to gazette the house? If so, is making such threat tantamount to having the intend to abuse his power?

    • Xianhong Low that you have to ask AHTC why they set up a independent committee. Given that they are WP’s, it would certainly not be influenced by PAP nor LHL nor any state organs. To suggest otherwise is merely trying to deflect it with conspiracy theories.

      As to why there was no committee set up to look into alleged PM’s abuse of power, this you have to ask LHY and LWL why they did not pursue and instead opted for reconciliation. Perhaps there was no abuse of power and it was mentioned in haste or it could be the siblings are using to to add pressure on the brother and was never serious.

      However some Singaporeans loves to tell themselves there are some conspiracies so they bit onto it and refuse to let go even when there is no merit to it.

    • Xianhong Low you are only guessing the PM tried to sweep everything under the carpet. Just because LHY and LWL suggested there is, it does not make it true.

      In AHTC vs WP clowns, there are merits to the case for actions to be taken.

      Perhaps you can set up an independent committee to look into alleged PM’s abuse of power?

    • Michael G R Lum, no one is a saint, people make mistakes, have you ever embarassed your line manager in front of everyone over a fault he or she has made? If no, are you always hurt? It is more likely that you will get the other way round, that is why the PM chose the parlianent and turn it into a circus, with his clowns putting up a good show to absolve himself of all accusations. And you are just one of the few audiences who clap loudly after the whole show.

    • Xianhong Low I didn’t follow that saga as I was skydiving in Melbourne for 3 weeks but I wasn’t concerned because I trust the PM’s integrity plus it’s nothing more than a siblings quarrel. I don’t concern myself with other’s family squabbles.

      Fortunately I have had very responsible line managers in the past and they do not try to run from their responsibilities nor try to hide their mistakes. So there was no need to whistle blow nor the need to expose them in front of a crowd.

      You’re right! People make mistakes! But these people are also make amends for their mistakes. However, pushing the matter round the bush for more than two years is not even taking responsibilities for their mistakes, if any. But certainly enough concerns raised by audit reports etc for AHTC to take action against them.

    • Michael G R Lum human beings are not saint, we make mistakes. Have you ever embarass your line manager in front of everyone in the office by exposing his or hers fault? It will hurt you indirectly or directly eventually. Like what I have said, the whole parliament session is not about exposing the fault of the PM by his subordinate but to turn it into a circus with the MPs behaving like clowns, doing song and dance to try and convince the audience that nothing is wrong. How many audience clapped after show? Well you do, and is clapping loudly but many others find it a lousy performance and that why there are so much disagreement. Justify why you think the song and dance is entertaining.

    • It is naive once again to think that “threaten does not mean it will be done”. Do you think the authorities will think it is no big deal if you make threats against the PM or the Donald Trump or Xi Jinping because that does not mean that the threat will be carried out? If it is so, why not you make a threat and see what will happen to you.

    • And because LHY and LWL suggest there is a threat does not make it true. If there isn’t any, just rubbish it with concrete proof, why keep quiet and set up a circus, getting the surbodinates to perform song and dance? Rubbish it with concrete proof is more entertaining and many people including me and you will clap loudly and cheer for the PM.

    • And why LHY and LWL opted for reconciliation. It is simple, if they don’t, the song and dance will continue and before they get sick and tired of it, halt it first. Or maybe they have more to expose but now is not the right time. With the song and dance going on and on, it might not do them any good to expose more. It will perhaps make the clowns sing even louder and dance even more. Wait till the next GE, see whether the PM will have enough time and resources to set up a circus.

    • Xianhong Low that’s where you’re ignorant. The PM, DT and XJP they have people looking at threats made against them 24/7 but how many actually pan out into anything?

      If every time a threat made lead to an arrest, the whole lot of WP supporters would have shut the hell up by now.

      So now I threaten to kill your cats and dogs and lizards in your house, I’ll wait at home for you to call the police to come look for me yah.

    • Xianhong Low well, the PM and his people was entertaining the public. They do need humor in their lives too you know.

      Only some people like yourself actually took it seriously.

      I seriously don’t see how the PM actually care for you and your cronies clapping for him. Only you guys think it matters

    • Michael G R Lum People make mistakes, have you ever expose your line manager’s mistake in front of other colleagues, embarassing him consequently? Are you hurt because you did not do that or because you did that? Now the whistle blowers are the PM’s siblings and in order to counter them, or absolving himself of all the accusations made by the whistle blowers, the PM simply set up a circus in the parliament and get his surbodinates to act clowns, dancing and singing with the ultimate objective of not to seek the truth but to relieve him of the problems. Come on, the song and the dance performance is lousy and how many people clapped after that, perhaps you, who did so loudly. But to many others, it is really a lousy performance.

    • “Threaten doesn’t mean it will be done”. What does this mean? Threats are nothing big deal since they will not be carried out? In that case, why waste taxpayers money to get people looking at threats make against them 24/7? Don’t shoot yourself on your own foot.

    • They are paid so much money to focus on managing the country, not entertaining the public. Everyone do need humour in their lives I know, but we do it off working hours, if you spend the whole day in the office entertaining your colleagues, because you need humour in your live too, which I know, will your boss not fire you even if he knows that you need humour in your life’

    • Of course, if all of us do not have worker’s mentality, and only know humour and go around entertaining people, who would want to set up shop here? Then in that case, would Singapore prosper? Would the current government exist if the country does not prosper. With your kind of mentalithy, you love the government but the government does not love because you are not working to make the country prosper. Well I think loving LHL is a wrong choice for you, you should love Donald Trump and move to the US and try your luck at Hollywood. Let see whether humour can make you a better person there.

    • It is really sad for Singapore, during our founding father’s time, the government get good debaters or are good debaters, like LKY himself, to argue on their side. The quality of the debaters has really fallen so much now that they have people like you debating for them with lousy and low class arguments like “worker’s mentality”, which contradicts the work ethics which LKY wants all Singaporeans to possess in order for the country to prosper.

    • Xianhong Low and you know why I know you’re just another empty vessel? Maybe you get lots of attention from your friends because of your opinions but it ain’t working on me.

      Btw, no one debate to win. We debate to have progress.
      You see, this is the point you have no clue about.

    • Omg, I think you just got a stroke from my post and can’t think properly. I made it clear that I have, as you say, worker’s mentally, which is the quality this government you love wants me to have and I have no choice but to have. Ironically you love this government but do not want to have the mentality it wants you to have.

    • And worst of all, not having an ethic which the government you love so much wants you to have and yet use the ethic to argue for the government, isn’t it ironic’?

    • That is why it is lousy and low class to mention “worker’s mentality”. Do not belittle the values which the government you love wants you to have.

    • Xianhong Low like I said, come back to Singapore then talk about Singapore. Don’t hide away in Australia to talk about it.

      Till you do, go play with your kangaroo

    • I love Singapore but the love does not necessarily have to be extended to the government. Did the government make the country great? Yes, during the early years where we overtook the Philippines to become the wealthiest country in Southeast Asian. Now? Well, we overtook the Philippines, which is the next country we plan to overtake? It seems like we have no aim at all for the future. What we read everyday is comparison with poorer neighbouring countries like Singapore is the least corrupt country in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia’s biggest bank, best country to live in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia’s largest stock exchange this and that. Go read the HK newspapers, how many times do they emphasize that HKSE is one of the top 3 stock exchange in Asia? How many times do the Swiss media emphasize that UBS and Credit Suisse are top banks in the world. How many times do the NZ media emphasize that New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world? I chose these countries because they have small population like us. Let’s not deceive ourselves with comparisons with rotten apples until we are also rotten eggs. I am hoping that either the current ruling party or in future, any opposition party can make it clear, what they hope Singapore to be, not how many MRT lines are built, how many new HDBs will be built so on and so forth. LKY and his colleagues transformed the country with the ideas like HDB, JTC, MRT, Changi Airport etc… What ideas are tabled out now to transform Singapore? What you are brainwashed is just how their ideas will be expanded, not new ideas, other countries like China can copy it and do it faster and better than us. Always comparing with bad apples will transform us back to bad apples again when the bad ones become good, see then will you love the PAP or WP or ACT?

    • Haha, I am in Singapore, working and living here and have also lived in China and Australia in the past. Wait till you live in the totally different countries then you come and debate with me. When I am in Australia, I am proud of Singapore, but when I am in China, I am not proud of Singapore even though people there respect Singaporeans. That was nearly 10 years ago and now most of them no longer respect us. And I do not blame them but blame the PAP because that is what will happen when comparisons are always made with rotten apples, deceving the citizens and stagnating while the others are speeding ahead.

    • What I see in Australia is what I will see in Singapore in the future. A stagnating country which still live in the past, with the same old mindset that they are the best in the region although they are no longer so. That is why I am proud of being a Singaporean there because we have yet to reach their stage. When we reach their stage, I will migrate back to where my ancestors came from in China because that place might be a first world with many aspects overtaking Singapore while the PAP, if they are still actively supported by you, still comparing with rotten apples, then probably not Indonesia or Thailand as they could have already progress to our current stage but with Somalia or Angola.

    • Xianhong Low Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia, been there done that.

      See I told you you assumed too much and overestimated yourself.

      Oh no! You are too incompetent to realize you’re incompetent.

      Btw, Australia is happy on its own down-under. You’ve got it all wrong thinking they want to be like the rest of the world.

      I’m not debating with you because you know nothing, full of opinions and nothing more than a kid. Talk to me when you’ve grown up and I not referring to your age.

    • Have you lived in other countries for long periods of time? Don’t spend only your time and think that only this place and people like you are good. Go and research on these Chinese proverbs, 井底之蛙, 夜郎自大,they fit the description for you.

    • How old are you? Well I am not that young. But if you older and still so Swa Koo because you only spent your life here and stuck here, omg, I wonder how competent a person you can be?

    • Well I have been to various countries on every continent except Antartica and South America and have seen good and bad ones. I will not say that I am a very globalised person but then you can compare where we stand, if you think we are near the peak of Mount Everest, I suggest you skydive from Mars.

    • Xianhong Low I don’t have to skydive from Mars, I’ve already gone higher than you. Till you get there for real, not in your wet dreams, you’re only still looking up at the sky and dreaming.

      You see the need to prove your intelligence because if you don’t talk about it, you have nothing else.

      I don’t have to prove myself to you because if you take me as a fool, that’s good because I have the upper hand. I can strike at you anytime and you don’t know when that will be.

      Thank you for showing your hand.

    • To prove my intelligence, well not to you, you don’t deserve it because what good will that do to me? Proving it will only enable you to learn a thing or two and become smarter a little bit more. I don’t owe it to make you a smarter person, haha! There are many more deserving and more important people waiting for me to prove.

    • Well I don’t know how high up there you are except being some government propaganda machine. That is immaterial to me also. Well, I am not the only person taking you as a fool but many people who replied to your post take you as one also. If you have an upper hand, why would people feedback negatively? Let see how you can strike at them anytime and I am not interested to know when that will be, perhaps before they struck at you and defeat you first. Thanks for letting me and many other who read this post that you fit the Chinese description of 夜郎自大,井底之蛙。My fellow non-Chinese compatriot can always feel free to approach me to seek explanation for the meaning of these 2 terms.

    • Xianhong Low wow! It took you so long to realize! Why do you think I’ve not said anything intelligence? You thought I’m stupid and you’re better than me? Lol!
      It took you two days! Tsk tsk tsk

    • Xianhong Low freedom of speech. Or is that reserved only for oppies supporters?

      Wahahahaha! Sucker!

      Took you so long to realize and you thought you’re so smart boasting away

    • Freedom of speech? That does not apply to you because the PAP is against that, here again, another irony. I wonder how high is your IQ with so much irony.

    • Sivaramalingam Puthusamy words don’t hurt me nor affect me. Especially profanity. Your vocabulary is a disgrace to yourself and your parents.

      So go on. What can you say if not for more profanity!?

    • Michael G R Lum keep on ownself praise ownself ? Is that all you have ? KNN ! Nahbeh ! Exhibited so much the colour of your dog-master ! Woof woof ! Why don’t you ownself f*%#^^ ownself ?? Heeheehee ! song bo?? Diu li lo mo sup pak toi !!! Nahbeh !

    • Save you some face by not telling you straight that from the beginning that you are nothing and don’t try to act like something, posting on FB to disrupt peace. The world would be better off without you. And with your calibre, no matter how much you support the PAP, you are not that elite enough to join their ranks. Better keep a low profile, praising them would not bring you anywhere cos you are simply not smart enough, IQ too bad is too low, so is your EQ, a good for nothing that is a waste of their time to even notice you.

    • Michael G R Lum urh …well said! just like they control your mind urh or rather you are so very intelligent to willingly allow them to rape your mind of any function ! Diu nah Seng !! Bo yuk ho Kew liao !!!

    • Michael G R Lum urh …well said! just like they control your mind urh or rather you are so very intelligent to willingly allow them to rape your mind of any function ! Diu nah Seng !! Bo yuk ho Kew liao !!!

    • In Whitley, here you are again, low IQ, they can’t and don’t have so much resources for that for the insignificant post, once again, you don’t meet their calibre to take notice of you. Their resources will be better spent on extremist and those which stir religious and racial issues. Moreover over send pple to Whitley because of this sort of things will only show that they are petty and excessive policing on FB will scare away FB from setting an office here. You just simply can’t think from so many perspectives. That is why I am compelled to boast, to let you know you are nothing and don’t try to act like something.

    • Xianhong Low it’s ok to realize you’ve been mind fucked. The more you say the more it’s obvious it affects you.

      But you got one thing right, you are insignificant. I couldn’t have said it better than for you to say of yourself.

      Wahahahaha! Dinner time!

    • Omg, how can your mind be so fucked that you don’t know it is fucked. It is so fucked that when people remind you, you think that they are fucked. Pathetic.

    • I suggest you go IMH, that is the only place where your mind can be repaired. Well I am insignificant that is true but for someone who is worst off than me, I have to say that I am significant to let him know that he is not. I think you are right to love the PAP, the government will definitely help to subsidize your bills at IMH.

    • Here you go, so fucked that when I remind you, you thought that mine is fucked. Do you need me to help you make an appt at IMH and apply for a CHAS card for you? I have done and am doing many charitable work and feel free to keep in touch with me 🙂

    • Xianhong Low how do you know you’re not inside IMH looking out?

      I go to IMH once a week so I know insanity and when I see you, you look just like them.
      Have you been inside?

      Oh you need to boast your achievements again like anyone give a damn.

    • Unfortunately that place is not suitable for a mentally sound person like me. So you going there for a follow-up on Monday? Well don’t bring jello cos you will never find me there. It seems like you have eaten so much jello there to know that it is not tasty.

    • Xianhong Low only crazy people says they are mentally sound.

      No one is mentally sound, everyone is a little bit crazy.

      You can google these stuff.

      Now I know for sure you’re just an opinionated empty vessel.

    • I see, so only mind fucked people say other people is mind fucked. By the way, which scholar said that no one is mentally sound, everyone is a little bit crazy? It is published in which journal? Can you tell me the date where the journal is published, or the volume no? I don’t make any sweeping statement based on some blogs or non-academic posting on the Internet? Did the university you went to last time pass you despite submitting a thesis with references from blogs or non-academic Internet posting?

    • Did you go to the university? How many times must I tell you I don’t trust google? I am asking which journal, not google! Since you suggest it, back it up, or else you are just an opinionated empty vessel, I think it is better that you skydive without a parachute.

    • Since you like to ask where is the evidence, so where is your evidence to prove that everyone is a little bit crazy? Or else don’t be lazy, go Google to find out what kind of power abuse had LHL committed. I am not going to let you pick off what I know.

  4. It would be stupid for Singaporeans to believe pap tactics while pap already have so many evidence of discrepancy and misappropriation of country funds and lost of country’s assets. If they believe pap then they deserve to suffer. People alway get what they vote for. No one can help anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves.

    • So should Singaporeans believe WP instead? Because now it is AHTC (AHTC belongs to WP) bringing their own councilman and councilwoman to task to answer for the missing monies.

      Where is PAP involved???

    • I think pap own house need to clean up first before meddling with other people’s affair. But many Singaporeans are stupid and dumb only see 1 side of the story, even worst they screw themselves after that.

    • u must be living in your own world, over the years the amount of money Singaporeans work so hard and sacrifice so much to contributed to this country if it’s not worth that much then where have u been? We gain a lot more. But the real question is how much did we gain and how much did we loose. Where are the books and audits? No announcements. We know we lost quite a bit.. where that bit? And how much is that bit that we contributed? Pls don’t speak and justify with vague and scattered evidence of achievements. Lol.

  5. This is the G game , but sad we singaporean every GE still believe the G n give them high % n $$$$$$$ , just look at what have they do to us, promises world class transportation system but give us 3rd world class standard but still take upper world class salary .

  6. So many people wants to make Million$Salaries?…what to do? But can only attack & sue only WP … There is only one oppo party in Parliament to sue only … lol.

    There are so many “grave and serious questions” raised annually in the AGO Report, but yet up till now, so many people continue to draw Million$Salaries but no actions taken based on the AGO Report…lol.

    Something is terribly wrong with the “Million$Salaries” – centric Government. If you continue along this line, then only way is to vote in more Oppo MPs for PAP’s “Million$Salaries” – centric Government to sue to make Million$Salaries…

    Make sure the independent panel use their own pocket monies to sue and not tax-payers’ monies….otherwise these Million$Salaries dreamers get wealthier … “Million$Salaries” – centric Government’s lawyers & auditors like KPMG included…lol.

  7. http://www.theindependent.sg/my-conscience-is-clear-low-thia-khiang-on-wp-being-dragged-to-court-by-ahtc/ “My conscience is clear” – Low Thia Khiang, put on a brave face, kept saying. I supposed all the money “squandered away” is also for the benefit of Aljunied GRC. He did not shown any remorse or shame that the organisation he is running lack proper governance and proper management control which were discovered by KPMG investigation and report. Surprisingly his reaction is very similar to what Najib, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, despite more than 6 countries are investigating the 1MDB fiasco, scandal, Najib put on a brave face and told the world, nothing wrong with 1MDB.

  8. Of course not concerned. Time to retire n enjoy life. How many millions in salary as MP already ? Another million dollar MP also what. What’s the difference? All MPs are million dollar men. Only voters are suckers.

  9. PAP or WP the same. All million dollar men. Only voters like you are suckers. Giving your monies to them. But at least I am Glad singapore is first class country. And we have good standard of living compared to our neighbours. Wahaha

  10. Fix the opposition and deflect all disgrace from the fledgling party because of lapses in the ‘ownself check ownself’ methods:
    1. The 38Ox has dogged Pinky and that left him in tatters
    2. Trains are effin shite! Nowt to add here as the woes are all too obvious; daily!
    3. Temasek is one massive elephant led by a sorry mistake
    4. No lawsuit against family and the double standards of shame
    5. CPF in possible ruins judging from news online
    6. Too much shame too add here and best to temporarily stop here….

  11. 自己人民行动党选区市镇会的账目又不这样详细点要堪查,只会在反对党这儿尽其所能地检查一大堆!!!若是您自己人民行动党这么勤快地查您们自己的账目就好了!!!自己的又见不得那么卖力!!!自个儿的账目若有问题也一字不透露,守口如瓶,不发一言!!!有意老是查查查,看看是否有把柄可捉到!!!!只会不信任工人党,自己党的财务管理有问题,就没那么严格挑剔!!!看是工人党就严格检查!!!去你的!!!垃圾!!!无赖!!!

  12. 选择在这个时候才搞这事儿,是有意转移人们对总统竞选课题的视线!!!???哎呀!!!人民知晓他们的诡计!!!还仍然使出这一招!!!当无用处的李聋聋被弟妹批评的风波期间,又不去申请指控工人党?现在风平浪静了,就来对付工人党!!!他们的死衰样,路人皆知!!!只会使出这种一惯作风手段以达成他们的目地!!!

  13. Professional politicans found that the easiest way to get votes is to divide the people by all means !
    Once upon a time, I met the founder of WP, Jeyaratnam selling his books at $30 at Centrepoint, after he was sued to bankruptcy !
    I asked him why fight so hard? He smiled and said read the Book of Amos (Old Testament) Amos 5:6-7,10-15 speaks in prophecy
    I bought the book but no time to read because I was holding two jobs till the floodgates were opened and I was retrenched, then
    I read his book that collect dust!
    From my research, Rajah Tan and Cheah is very prestigious lawyer firm, from my deduction, the allegations will be void but WP become poorer !
    Everything under the ☀ Sun,
    There is a time as we are living in transition and the cynical truth is why AMKTC manager is still so free?
    When will Lucifer summon him???

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