Home News Muslim man tapaos non-halal cai png for hungry old man

Muslim man tapaos non-halal cai png for hungry old man




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Twitter user shameeraidlyn shared that he bought food from a non-halal cai png stall for a hungry old man. He captioned his video “buying food from non halal store sometimes is not what u guys (think)”. He said that some people judged him for buying the food, some of which is pork.

His tweet has gone viral with over 1,700 retweets, several Twitter users commending shameeraidlyn for his kind deed. The tweet shows that there is truth to the study from Food From The heart (FFTH).

Quoting a study from Food From The heart (FFTH) (a welfare outfit that feeds the poor and hungry in Singapore) STORM, an online publication, pointed out that there were about 105,000 HDB households who get by on less than $1,500 per month, and so experience food insecurity.

The publication said that the study further suggested that poor families and elderly couples past the working age find themselves most vulnerable to food insecurity, and that they are only able to afford low-cost, low-nutrition food, they skip meals, or, sometimes, don’t get to eat at all.

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STORM quoting a report put together by the Centre for Culture-centred Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) and Bain & Company, also said that there are very few organisations addressing the plight of the hungry here in Singapore.

The publication asked: “Is any place where people go hungry truly a ‘food paradise’?”

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