Muslim clerics must come out strongly against mass murder tactics

By Cordoba.Ali

The house of Parliament, London

Where’s the Muslim clerics who seem to have lost their voices in the wake of the recent mass murder by this unknown attacker named Khalid Masood?

This is the right time for them to come out in force, in Mosques and on television networks across the globe to denounce the savage attacks perpetrated by lone wolves, whether these attacks are claimed by the so-called Islamic State or not.

This is the moment where they should have showed their faces to criticise the IS and warn the future attackers that such criminal acts do not give them martyrdom and that the 82 virgins they are promised will certainly be 82 demons instead.

Where is Zakir Naik? Where is Suhaib Webb? Where is Nouman Khan? Where is Mufti Menk?

And where are the others, who in Malaysia or Indonesia captures our TV time to tell us rehashed stories about Islam and paradise or hell, but who refrain from talking about terror movements and the criminality that they represent?

Yes, Webb did speak outraging in favour of the US war on terror accusing the Al-Qaeda, but then, that was it.

The bogus US war against terrorism was not what the world was made to believe, as it was mostly revengeful against people who stood against the US army and the British army in Falluja for example.

It was a war tainted with the blood of innocents, children raped in front of their parents and husbands executed by US soldiers in revenge killings for the death of their ‘friends’ in the fight organised by Iraqi citizens against the invasion of their country.

Webb chose to talk against these people mostly, but I think and unless I am mistaken – they are all silent on the IS.

When will there be Khutbah’s (religious sermons during the Friday prayers) denouncing Masood and all those who committed such crimes against innocent civilians in Europe?

What we hear is complaints and criticism against Western or rather almost every time attacks against Russia for its involvement in the war in Syria.

It is time for these popular Islamic figures – the scholars and the religious preachers – to come out and tell the people who are supporters of the IS that it is the gate of hell that they will see if they die as suicide bombers, while taking away the lives of innocents!

Why the silence?