MRT station staff gave money to commuter who was short of funds to make trip


Facebook user Zan Thang thanked an SMRT counter staff at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station for helping him make a trip when he was short of funds to do so. The counter staff Rafidah gave him $1.50 of her own money without expecting him to return it back. Zan said that her kindness was the between going home and being stuck there till a solution came up.

Just in case you can’t see what Zan Thang posted, this is what he said:

Yesterday I witnessed a case of generosity and kindness towards me.

After a cocoa session with a friend, I walked towards the nearest MRT station; Ang Mo Kio. When I proceeded to go through the gantry, it stated that I had $2.91 balanced on my card; insufficient balance for entry (minimum was $3).

Worse still, I only had exactly $1 on me having spent all on it on cocoa with my friend. Everyone should know by now I don’t possess an ATM card and coincidentally my phone was dead.

I asked a staff as whether it’s possible to “top up” a dollar and explained my situation to her. She told me the minimum amount was $10 and amazingly told me since I have only a dollar she’ll give me $1.50 outta her own pockets so that I can purchase a “one trip ticket” to my destination. She did not ask for the amount to be returned but I asked for her name.

Called the station today to find out her shift hours to repay the money. As a gesture of thanks, I bought her a box of Ferrero Rocher to show my deep gratitude.

Her name is Rafidah; it’s only $1.50, but it was the difference between going home and being stuck there till a solution came up.

Thanks again Rafidah, your kindness and generosity was/is much welcomed and appreciated! ?