MRT commute must really be stressful for old man and woman to go at each other like that


Several videos and pictures have emerged recently, depicting the troubles commuters on the MRT face these days. First it was the video of an EP holder from India who was caught secretly filming a commuter ( Then it was the inconsiderate MRT commuter who refused to move toddler’s legs and prevented use of reserved seat for a senior citizen (

And now a video has emerged of a heated argument in an MRT train between an elderly man and a middle-aged woman.

The video is being widely shared in Whatsapp, but it is unclear when or where the incident happened.

Last month, the police arrested an elderly man who assaulted an American in the MRT and asked for sex. He later apologised and said that he is suffering from depression when he acted in an aggressive manner with the foreigner. (

Perhaps with the frequent delays and overcrowding, stress for commuters in our trains is building up.