Mr Cheong dies after arriving in Singapore from Tokyo – Family thanks donors for bringing father back


The father of Eileen Cheong, who had a cardiac arrest while in Tokyo last month, died shortly after arriving in Singapore today (2 May).

The following is the family’s update on the GiveAsia website.

Update – 2nd May Hi all, It really saddens me and my mom to have to write this. Shortly after our arrival in Singapore today, my dad went into a cardiac arrest in the ambulance whilst we were on the way to the hospital. He passed away shortly after.

On Sunday, the medical opinion was that my dad was certified stable and suitable for air travel, after which we proceeded to arrange for an emergency evacuation with EMA. His vitals had remained stable since, even throughout the flight journey back home.

When we arrived at Seletar airport, he was quickly transferred into an ambulance. However, shortly after the transfer, his heart condition suddenly deteriorated and he quickly passed on. Even though we were aware of the unpredictability of his condition, his passing still comes as a shock to my family now.

Despite all of this, we are grateful that he still made it back home eventually. Even more so, we are immensely thankful for the support from Toho University Omori Hospital, EMA, the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore – Tokyo, the MFA, and last but not least, the Donors / Givers. Thank you for bringing my father back to Singapore, thank you for allowing us to say our final goodbyes on home ground. And thank you, to my relatives and close friends, who have been by my side throughout.

This is an extremely difficult time for my mom and me, and we will really appreciate all the space and privacy that we can get to come to terms with the loss of my father, and to make the necessary arrangements.

Moving forward, my close friends will provide a few more updates via this platform on matters relating to the campaign, such as how the donations are being utilised, and what we will do with the excess funds, if any. Thank you once again. Regards, Eileen & family.