MPs to question ministers on Singhealth breach and Ben Davis saga

What are the reasons for the significant delay in informing the public of the cyberattack affecting Singhealth’s database from the time the breach was discovered?

That is a question Workers’ Party Member of Parliament (MP) Sylvia Lim will be asking the Health Minister when Parliament sits on Monday, 6 August.

Ms Lim’s question is one of a slew which MPs from both sides of the House are raising to get more information on the data security breach last month which had affected 1.5m patients of the healthcare provider.

160,000 of those also had their medical records compromised by the breach, which the authorities said took place on the 4 of July.

The incident was only disclosed to the public on 21 July.

MP for Macpherson, Tin Pei Ling, wants to know whether the culprit of the cyberattack on SingHealth has been identified; and whether the culprit will be publicly identified and taken to task and, if not, why.

The authorities have not named any suspects, although the media have reported that experts suspect the attacks were the work of a nation-state.

Ms Tin will also ask what is role of the Cyber Security Agency in defending against, and responding to, an incident such as the attack on healthcare data in SingHealth.

Ms Lim’s WP colleague and MP for Hougang, Png Eng Huat, wants to know who is going to bear responsibility for any stolen identity crime committed as a result of the SingHealth data breach including unauthorised registration of legal and illegal services such as SingPass and online gambling sites.

Holland-Bukit Timah MP, Christopher de Souza would like the Minister for Health to disclose what has been discovered in the investigations into the Singhealth breach thus far, what lessons are learned, and how will similar situations be avoided in the future.

MPs have also raised questions about 17-year old footballer Ben Davis’ case. Ben has signed a 2-year professional contract with English Premiership club, Fulham. However, he is also due to report for National Service at the end of this year, which could potentially scupple his footballing career.

His application for deferment has been rejected by Mindef, giving rise to a public outcry.

Mr Lim Wee Kiak, MP for Sembawang GRC, wants to know if the Ministry considers a professional contract with an English Premier League football club a rare achievement for a Singaporean; and whether consideration is given to how Mr Davis can contribute to the soccer scene in Singapore when he returns.

Ang Mo Kio MP Darryl David  asks whether the Government can consider deferring National Service for outstanding young male Singaporeans who have the potential to accomplish significant successes in fields other than sports if those successful achievements can also bring international fame and recognition for Singapore.

You can view the full list of questions for Monday’s sitting here.