Mother takes to Fb to post video on hairdresser who was very rough with her son

Photo: Facebook/Karen Yongie

Every mother’s nightmare is seeing her children get hurt. While this may happen during a natural disaster or even a bullying incident, no mother expects that her child may get hurt in a beauty salon, of all places.

Local mother Karen Yongie brought her 4 year old son, Kaeden, to a HI Salon at Jurong Point mall for a haircut on Tuesday, June 12. The little boy, who was well-behaved and did not cry during the haircut, was treated very roughly by the middle aged woman who cut his hair, to the point that his mother had to intervene and ask her to be more gentle.

Ms. Yongie took a video of the rough treatment of her son and posted it online on Facebook, where netizens expressed their shock and indignation at the hairdresser’s behavior. The post was also shared almost a thousand times.

The video shows that the hairdresser was indeed forceful with the young boy.

Ms. Yongie wrote that the hairdresser had a “powerful skill” and that she was “very fast and rough” with the young boy. When she encountered knots in the boy’s hair, she continued to pull and cut. The boy’s face registered discomfort, and Ms. Yongie grew more unhappy.

She then asked the hairdresser to be more gentle, and received no answer. When she asked her son if he was in pain from the woman’s roughness, he said yes. After the woman shaved the boy’s head roughly, Ms. Yongie stopped her, whereupon the woman withdrew to the salon’s interior, and another hairdresser finished the haircut.

Ms. Yongie reiterated that her son had behaved well during the cut.

Another netizen encouraged Ms. Yongie to complain about the incident.

Another told her she should have taken her son out ASAP, without even paying

Other netizens recommended salons that were good with children

Since she was with her mother and other children at the time of the incident, Ms. Yongie has yet to make a complaint about the hairdresser, although she says she will.