Mother of four-year-old killed in car crash appeals for witnesses to come forward


The mother of the four-year-old girl who was killed last month in a fatal car crash is appealing for witnesses with more information to come forward.

In early October, her daughter Eleanor Tan had been crossing the road with a domestic helper along Bukit Batok Central towards Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, on their way to Bukit Batok MRT station, when a car crashed into them.

Eyewitnesses told reporters then that Eleanor and her helper hit the car’s front windshield upon impact and were catapulted in the air before landing on the car’s rear windshield. The impact was so great that it shattered the glass of the car’s rear windshield – this has raised speculation that the driver was speeding at the time of the accident.

It is also believed that the helper and the child were jaywalking when they were hit, instead of using a nearby overhead pedestrian bridge.

The child was killed as a result of the accident.

Eleanor’s mother, 24-year-old housewife Jacelyn Wong, took to Facebook yesterday and shared photos of the location where the accident occurred. She called for people who witnessed the accident or may possess dashboard camera footage of the incident to “come forward to provide information and let justice be done.”

Wong described “feeling broken,” and wrote online:

“We are URGENTLY appealing for eye witnesses or dash camera footage to a fatal road traffic accident involving a Proton vehicle number SGL 3672 U , my helper and my 4 year old Daughter on 9 Oct 2017 at around 6.40pm. Accident happened at BUKIT BATOK CENTRAL. My Daughter sustained serious injuries and had passed on.
“I sincerely plead the public to help share this post around and those who are at this area during the time and date of accident to check your dash camera if you’ve managed to capture any footage of the vehicle . Eye witnesses to come forward to provide information and let justice be done … Please call us immediately at 98894542 (Jacelyn Wong) for any information of the case. Thank you so much”

Hi all,We are URGENTLY appealing for eye witnesses or dash camera footage to a fatal road traffic accident involving a…

Posted by Jacelyn Wong on Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mother of four-year-old killed in car crash – “I was about to leave the house to look for her when the hospital called”


  1. Pedestrian already at fault for not using overhead bridge just beside bus stop. Seriously from the message sent by the child parents seems looking for witness to put blame on the driver. If the car is drive within the speed limit 50 km/hr if not mistaken than is difficult to point finger at driver

    • It takes only 27 meters , including reaction time and braking time, to stop a car travelling at a speed of 50 km/hr. So either the driver saw the child from a shorter distance or travelling over 50km/hr, or he didn’t slow down or brake even after seeing the child. So it is not as simple as whether pedestrian is at fault. Accidents can still be avoided if drivers exercise caution.

    • I do not disagree on your assumption but truly if there’s a overhead bridge so near than is the responsibility of the person to take safety first especially with kid.

      If you are referring to elderly with weak leg than it understandable.

    • Bronze Cheung Kwok Yee @ can still avoid but not definitely. Anything can happen if u don’t jail walk. Driver can be distracted by avoiding an object flying to his wind screen etc…. and not see the pedestrian jail walking. U are already wrong to have jail walk and should know the possibility of an accident anytime. U can’t put the blame solely on the driver when pedestrian don’t obey rules.

    • Bronze Cheung Kwok Yee Pedestrians have a role to play which in this situation jay walking is the damn reason that gotten them killed …..
      Too many cases of jay walking and these people are beginning to treat the roads like a playground with rainbow unicorns

    • Ryan Keith Smith if the driver dies avoiding the kid than whose fault. Some people just never just common sense to view the situation just because a kid meet accident that causes her life.

    • Ryan Keith Smith
      Why bother talking? You’ll end up embarrassing yourself end of the day.Looks who is the rubbish here lol ….. Jimmy Ong, many ppl jumps to conclusion immediately when there is a kid involve not seeing perspectives from all sights … zzzzz

  2. As long as you have control of the car which can turn into a killing machine if not operated with care you will be guilty. And besides punishment by law I am sure the driver will be remorseful for the rest of his life….

    • If the traffic was light and that the weather was fine, what else could it be if not for the inadequacy of the driver but to speed even along such a road. If speed was not a factor contributing to the accident, its poor handling of the vehicle or absent-mindedness that killed the little girl. Whatever it was, the driver is implicit in causing the unnecessary incident to happen and ought not be given another chance to create another injury or death…..

  3. It’s true that when pedestrians do not used the regulated means to cross roads, they’re at fault but that alone does not give drivers a reason to mow them down, like mowing grass. Drivers too must exercised caution and care when driving, giving clarity and extreme attention to the road ahead and not using devices…we may not know what transpired then as early indications were light traffic and clear weather…what else will someone in that situation make in order to get off it…..

    • Was the overhead bridge clear and unobstructed too? Or was it covered up and not visible?

      By the way, if you have clear unobstructed line of sight before you squeeze a trigger and just at the nano second you take to pull the trigger, someone get into your line of fire, how fast can you react to not squeeze the trigger?

    • Barry Allen… Am not silly enough to dash last minute. Why must I dash to save a few seconds? Am both a motorist and pedestrian and i never rush when it comes to anywhere near the road.

    • Ryan Keith Smith oh it’s very relevant. Coz that’s how much time drivers get to avoid someone or something that dash out unexpectedly.

      Drivers are expected to observe road laws and so much pedestrians. If pedestrians do what they are not supposed to, just like drivers, shit happens.

      Akin to you pulling the trigger and in that nano second someone gets into your line of sight. How much time do you have to stop what you’re doing. Even on a clear day

    • Ryan Keith Smith you’re not silly enough to dash last min coz you know the danger and what might happen if you do.

      In this case, someone was silly enough to dash across instead of using the bridge.

  4. Plenty of drivers in Singapore assume the pedestrians see them coming and will get out of the way in time. They don’t slow down hence maybe this tragedy. Or maybe looking at phone and didn’t notice. Nevertheless after hitting child driver drove off!

  5. I am a driver and often get frustrated when pedestrians are complacent and do not take their safety seriously on the road like not using the overhead pedestrians bridges where provided, continue dashing across pedestrian crossings when there is only a few seconds left or the ‘red man’ has already appeared, walking on the road side when there is a pedestrian walkway provided, crossing the road ‘blindly’ while being engrossed in a conversation on their mobile phone. Having said that, it still falls on drivers to be continuously extra cautious, observant, alert and drive defensely. Under almost all circumstances, involving an accident involving an automobile and a person, I believe our law will find the driver at fault and face punitive consequences.

  6. Perhaps, Questions need to be answer by agencies …
    – are roads design done correct ?
    – are the various road dividers planned ?
    – was personal responsibilities carry out ?

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