Mother claims stranger tried to abduct her son at Giant supermarket in IMM mall


Facebook user Nur Syahirah Amar Haziq has claimed that a stranger at the Giant supermarket in IMM tried to abduct her young son while she was in the line to pay for her groceries over the weekend.

In a post that has since gone viral with almost 7,000 shares, Syahirah recounted that she had left her son playing near aisle 16 in the supermarket, under the watch of her husband, when a stranger picked up her son and tried to take him away.

Syahirah wrote that her husband immediately sprang to action and stopped the man, trying to take his son out of the stranger’s arms. However, the man allegedly resisted and refused to hand over the child.

Eventually Syahirah’s husband managed to recover his son. Syahirah wrote that the man tried to flee after releasing her son and that her husband called the mall’s security for help. The issue has apparently become a police case, according to Syahirah.

Syahirah wrote: “The reasons why i’m posting this because to all out there parents, please and kindly alert your surroundings.. We might not when its ours turn. Luckily for me, my husband was there…But what IF my husband was not there at that time? What happen to my son and me? To be truth, up to now im still shaking about yesterday happen…”

It happen at Giant IMM just now.. I was queuing up for paying my groceries while my son is with my husband..My son was…

Posted by Nur Syahirah Amar Haziq on Saturday, 28 April 2018