Featured News Morning brief: Wuhan coronavirus update for Feb 2, 2020

Morning brief: Wuhan coronavirus update for Feb 2, 2020




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As of 5am, Feb 2, 2020:

CHINA: There are 13,831 confirmed cases of infection in China, 4,033 more than this time yesterday. The death count of the virus has risen to 304 people—91 more than yesterday—and no deaths have yet been reported outside of mainland China. China has asked the European Union for assistance with procuring medical supplies, as the country is struggling to keep up with demands. In Wuhan, two purpose-built hospitals were built in under a week—with some 2,500 beds in total—and will begin taking in patients on Monday (Feb 3) and Thursday (Feb 6), respectively. In different cities and villages in China, flying drones are patrolling the streets and admonishing persons who are not wearing masks. Macao has reported no new cases, maintaining its count at seven cases of the Wuhan coronavirus. In Hong Kong, which now has 13 cases, thousands of medical staff vote to strike on Monday (Feb 3) for border closure with mainland China.

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Saturday (Feb 1) confirmed two new imported cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, increasing the country total to 18 cases. The 17th case is a 47 year-old female Singapore citizen who travelled to Wuhan. The 18th case is a 31-year-old female Chinese national who arrived in Singapore from Wuhan on Jan 22. Both are currently warded in isolation rooms at NCID.

ASEAN: Thailand now has 19 cases, Singapore has 18, Malaysia has eight, Vietnam has six, and the Philippines and Cambodia both have one case each.

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ASIA: Sri Lanka, which has one case, evacuated students from Wuhan on Saturday (jan 31). Taiwan confirmed new cases, with its total number now reaching 10. India currently has one case, and the country evacuated 324 of its citizens from Wuhan on Saturday (Feb 1). Japan has 20 cases, Nepal has one, South Korea has 12 and the United Arab Emirates has four cases.

EUROPE: The World Health Organization reminded the public of the importance of facts in the fight against the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. The European Union will grant US$11 million (S$15 million) toward research on the coronavirus. Russian and Chinese foreign ministers have made vows to work together to fight the virus. Spain reported their first confirmed case of the coronavirus on Friday (Jan 31).

NORTH AMERICA: The United States confirmed its eighth case of the virus. The US Defense Department announced that it will be providing housing for around 1,000 persons who may be need to be placed under quarantine upon arrival in the country. Canada has four cases.

AUSTRALIA: Australia confirmed new cases, bringing the country total to 12. The patients are in isolation at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The country announced a ban on that all foreign nationals who travelled to mainland China—they would not be allowed entry into the country.

AFRICA: As of yet, no confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus have been reported in the region.



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