Featured News More unexpected crunch at McDonald’s -- this time in a Filet-O-Fish sandwich

More unexpected crunch at McDonald’s — this time in a Filet-O-Fish sandwich

It had at least six fish bones, some one-inch in length




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Singapore — A customer who bought a Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s has posted photos of the order on Facebook complete with the unexpected ingredient – fish bones.

This comes only two weeks after McDonald’s came under fire for the unexpected crunch that some customers felt when they bit into its McGriddles sandwiches. There were pieces of eggshell in the maple syrup-soaked sandwich recently reintroduced by the fast-food giant.

The customer posted her Filet-O-Fish experience on Saturday (March 7) with the following caption:

No prize for guessing how many bones were found inside your filet o fish! What happens if this is a child who is eating this? Pls explain?! Ordered this today 07/03 @ MCD AMK PARK 12:45PM.

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She included a photo of the sandwich with at least six fish bones, some one-inch in length.

Photo: FB screengrab

Photo: FB screengrab

Those who read the post were shocked at the size of the bones, given that the McDonald’s bestseller is supposed to be boneless. One asked whether a lower quality of fish was used.

Photo: FB screengrab

Parents were concerned about the presence of bones as they often ordered Filet-O-Fish for their children.

One man, however, said he would still order it but would be more cautious when eating it.

Photo: FB screengrab

Meanwhile, one person has stopped going to the fast-food chain. “I realised I was eating frozen porridge cooked from don’t know how long ago,” she said.

Photo: FB screengrab

To date, McDonald’s has not replied to the post.

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