Moneylender transfers $600 into stranger’s bank account, demands that she pay him $800 in 5 days time


Facebook user Kym Tan Meiting was surprised to receive a bank transfer of $600 into her bank account by an unknown individual and even more surprised when she found out that the person who transferred the money to her was an alleged legal moneylender.

Curiously, Kym had not approached any such moneylender for a loan and had not made her personal bank account details publicly available.

Kym contacted the person who had transferred the money and had sent her a screenshot of the payment, as she wanted to credit the money back to them. The moneylender then told her that he cannot take the money back and that Kym must pay him a shocking $800 in five days.

The bewildered netizen shared online:

“pls share and create awareness of this. recently theres one idiot that out of nowhere transfer $600 into my acc. and then i receive a msg that say ‘thank you for supporting us’ with the payment screenshot below
“i reply back, who are u i dunno u. why u transfer money to me. he then became aggressive say i loan from them. i say sorry i dunno u and i dun need ur $600, u give me ur acc no i transfer bk u ur money. he say he cannot take back the money anymore and demand that i must pay $800 back in 5 days.”

Another Facebook user, Michelle Tan, appears to have subsequently reached out to Kym and claimed that an employee of the moneylending business had run away with company funds and a company phone and had misused the funds by transferring it into Kym’s account.

Tan requested Kym to transfer the money back into her account.

Kym instead added the man who transferred the money into her account and Tan into a WhatsApp chat group. Interestingly, both moneylenders proceeded to quarrel amongst themselves over the matter:

While it is unclear whether Kym has made a police report, transferred the $600 back or is still expected to pay $800, it is certainly troubling that her bank account details were shared and misused without her authorisation.

Meanwhile, another Facebook user shared Kym’s post and added that her friend experienced outrageous demands from another legal moneylender as well.

The netizen, Zarina Jaffar, shared that her friend had reached out to a legal moneylender who promised her an attractive interest rate and instructed her to make a bank transfer of $500 to loan $5000.

Once Zarina’s friend made the transfer, the moneylender began asking her for more money. Zarina found this odd and stopped her friend, instructing her to inform the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) with the entire WhatsApp chat proof.

When Zarina’s friend tried to cancel the agreement and asked for her $500 back, the moneylender allegedly blocked her on the messaging application.

Zarina noted that what happened to Kym could become common when companies can easily purchase individuals’ personal information on the market:


“PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY! I am sharing this cause it happen to a 3R member who confided in me. For her its with a legal money lender. They promised her a very attractive interest rate and told her to make a trnsf of $500 upfront and that is all she needs to pay them for a loan of $5000. Once she made the trnsf, they ask her for more. I stopped her and told her to inform MAS with all WA proof. When she wants her $500 back she was blocked.”

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY!I am sharing this cause it happen to a 3R member who confided in me. For her its with…

Posted by Zarina Jaffar on Sunday, 17 December 2017

pls share and create awareness of this . recently theres one idiot that out of nowhere transfer $600 into my acc. and…

Posted by Kym Tan Meiting on Saturday, 16 December 2017

here comes episodes 2

Posted by Kym Tan Meiting on Sunday, 17 December 2017

so i just put that 2 stupid ah long together n fight among themselves

Posted by Kym Tan Meiting on Sunday, 17 December 2017


  1. You must make a police report first. You can keep the money as it is transferred to your bank account. No need to pay them back if you have not sign any loan agreement. Leave it to the courts. After all, you might allow to keep the money!!!

  2. I was dragged into by a friend whom loan from moneylender.
    That idiot send me a message to inform me that my friend owe him money or he ll burnt her house.
    I took a picture and keep it on my hp. Should I go the police. Indeed my frd did, but I blocked her immediately without telling her.

  3. MinLaw Sham kept saying Terrorism but unfortunately sad thing is he allowed all these licensed moneylender to be on the street to loan money. Yet didnt control these people properly. If he cannot control these legal moneylender who are not legal at all. How can we trust him on talking bigger thing like Terrorism?

  4. All these seeming to be “legal” money lending agencies are operating with the mighty high interest equivalent to those operating as loan shark .
    I would have just ignore the SMS , approached my bank to report an unauthorized deposit ….
    What rights do these desperadoes have to demand a repayment of $800 when they have no legal document sign by the loaner to accept the given contract of mentioned loan ?

  5. Hv a good laugh reading the story. If there are any more stupid ah longs who want to anyhow transfer money, please incl me in yr list. And transfer more hor; $600 is too little. Confirm you won’t get a single cent back.

  6. To deal with this type of people is easy. Since it’s credited into your account, tell them to make Police Report and you return the money. If not, then too bad, keep the money. Most of them are illegal loan sharks and they can’t do anything. Don’t forget, change your phone number too. Wahaha

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