Molestor who allegedly got away due to SMRT staff “ineptitude” is young NUS student

The police arrested a 23-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) student on Sunday, for allegedly molesting a woman twice around 11.30pm, last Tuesday. The victim had alleged last week that the man who molested her got away due to the “ineptitude” of station staff.

The victim, 28-year-old Karmen Siew, had written on social media that the incident occurred when she was taking the train and a fellow commuter first brushed his hand over Siew’s thigh and Siew moved her body, believing the brush to be accidental.

The man, however, grew more brazen and brushed up against Siew twice as he moved closer towards her. The man then followed Siew when she alighted at Serangoon MRT station before groping her butt while she was taking the escalator at the station.

Incensed, Siew shouted at the culprit and dashed to the passenger service counter and sought help from the station master there but the station master claimed that he could not help to catch the perpetrator because of “protocol” demanding that he should not abandon his post.

The culprit was brisk-walking to the gantry at this point. According to Siew, the station master failed to block the gantry and cut off the culprit’s access outside the station.

The station master allegedly only called the police, but even then, Siew said he called the Macpherson police station instead of their nearest Serangoon police post.

It was only when Siew went to the police station to lodge a report that she was assured that the authorities would look into the case.

Follow-up investigations with the Ang Mo Kio Police Division led to the culprit’s identity being established, which led to his swift arrest along Hougang Ave 5 on Sunday.

MRT station staff allegedly refused to help catch brazen molestor due to “protocol”