Ministers in PMO and 2nd Minister in a Ministry do wat ah?


PM Lee announced on 27 Apr that Senior Ministers of State Josephine Teo and Desmond Lee will be promoted to full ministers with effect next month.

Josephine Teo will be promoted to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and 2nd Minister for Manpower and Foreign Affairs.

Desmond Lee, son of former Cabinet Minister Lee Yock Suan, will also be promoted to Minister in PMO and 2nd Minister for Home Affairs and National Development.

Singapore is unique with its government ministries staffed by first and second ministers. In addition, it also has a bunch of ministers inside the PMO. In other countries, there is only 1 person assigned to be in-charge of 1 ministry.

It’s not known why PM Lee wants to staff the ministries and PMO with so many ministers.

source: We want Minister Grace Fu to resign