Minister Ong Ye Kung’s Facebook post labeled as “fake news” by netizens

(PHOTO: Ong Ye Kung's Facebook)

Netizens have branded a Facebook post put up by Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills) and Second Minister for Defence Ong Ye Kung as “fake news”.

On Tuesday [Sept 12], Mr Ong posted a photo of an underwater iceberg on Facebook.

His caption stated that the photo “came from a former colleague, who in turn got it from a rig manager working on an offshore rig at Newfoundland.”

He continued: “This iceberg is estimated to weigh 300,000,000 tons. The sea was calm, sun directly overhead, and the diver managed to get a perfect shot.”

However, netizens recognised the image to be one produced in 1999 by Ralph A. Clevenger, a professional nature and underwater photographer. It is not a single photograph, but instead, a composite of four separate photographs.

Netizens then went on to deem his post as “fake news”.

One netizen said that as the Minister for Education, Mr Ong should have ensured proper citation for his public post – as required in schools as well.

Another even called upon Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam, who had announced in June that laws will be introduced to regulate fake news, to take action on this post.


  1. Where’s that Law Minister Sham? I heard he was crusading agst alternative media sites for publishing FAKE news.
    What’s he gonna call the Education Minister OYK, modern day Goebbels?

  2. Such stupid act on social media platform are typically committed by clueless, ill informed school kids. And here we have a Minister, what was on his mind when he shared that doctored pic? “My knowledge of things stretched far beyond the shore of Singapore – ,,,,I have this to share…..” tack!!!

  3. Skeleton Face! In Chinese Face reading this kind of person if F**k Up and unreliable person. Notice how has he “rose” in his position. He can sell or betray his parents.

  4. Honesty is the best policy and when in doubt, always double confirm, and if you happen to be a minister, make it triple confirmation, before you are caught spouting nonsense. We can’t afford this kind of crab Education Minister standard anymore … Singapore is going to be doomed!.

  5. For the salary singaporean paid u , there is no room for mistakes, honest or not. At best it shows you are gullible. You may like to name the ex-colleague and the rig manager. Perhaps netizens can help establish whether they were deliberately leading you on.

  6. We were not born yesterday minister! Don’t think that years before internet was not introduced, we were not well read nor wise. Please! Don’t try to fool us, but only you – will look like an idiot.

  7. Wahrao eh… this picture was taken by his friend friend friend friend friend who is the actual photographer… how it was taken got misinformed along the way…
    Conclusion: Friend’s fault.
    Action taken: Unfriend him in FB.
    End: Minister still white.

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