Migrant cleaner personally delivers home-cooked food to needy Commonwealth Crescent resident senior


A migrant worker by the name of Mr Kalam, who works as a cleaner in the Tanjong Pagar ward, was observed delivering personally cooked food to an elderly resident at Commonwealth Crescent after he found out that the senior had difficulty moving after an operation.

Police officers from Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre noticed Mr Kalam while they were on their patrol rounds on Sunday. Upon finding out about Mr Kalam’s selfless act, the officers complimented Mr Kalam and even snapped a few pictures with him:

Came across Mr Kalam, a cleaner from Tanjong Pagar Town Council during our rounds today. Found out that he was…

Posted by Queenstown NPC on Saturday, 14 April 2018

Queenstown NPC’s post commending Mr Kalam quickly attracted over 400 “likes” and “loves” and was shared over 150 times. Some Commonwealth residents chimed in to say that the cleaners at Commonwealth are particularly kind:

One netizen’s tongue and cheek comment received particular attention from several others, after he asked what the MPs in the ward are doing for the people: