MHA revokes PR of American Professor and his wife for attempting to subvert domestic politics


The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has revoked the Permanent Residency of American citizen, Professor Huang Jing after identifying him as “an agent of influence of a foreign country” for knowingly interacting with intelligence organisations and agents of foreign country and cooperating with them to influence the Singapore Government’s foreign policy and public opinion in Singapore.

The Ministry has cancelled the Permanent Residency of Huang’s wife, Yang Xiuping, as well since she was aware that her husband was using his position as a senior professor “to advance the agenda of a foreign country.” The couple has also been permanently banned from re-entering the country.

In a statement released today, the MHA charged that Huang used his position as Director of the Centre on Asia and Globalisation, and Lee Foundation Professor on US-China Relations at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) to “deliberately and covertly advance the agenda of a foreign country at Singapore’s expense. He did this as he collaborated with foreign intelligence agents.”

Huang is charged with engaging and disseminating “privileged information” about a foreign country to prominent and influential Singaporeans, with the aim of influencing their opinion in the favour of that country. This, the MHA asserted, represents subversion and represents foreign interference in domestic politics.

One of the people Huang shared such “privileged information” with was a senior member of the LKYSPP so that the member could convey the information to the Singapore Government. The senior member eventually relayed the information to “very senior public officials who were in a position to direct Singapore’s foreign policy. However, the Singapore Government declined to act on the “privileged information.””

MHA asserted that the clear intention was to use the information at hand to cause the Singapore Government to change its foreign policy. The ministry also said that Huang recruited others to aid his operations.

Huang is still in Singapore and has challenged MHA’s accusations, indicating that he would seek help from the US embassy in Singapore. He told the South China Morning Post:

“It’s nonsense to identify me as ‘an agent of influence’ for a foreign country. And why didn’t they identify which foreign country they’re referring to? Is it the US or China?”

This is not the first time that Huang has been in the news. Last year, the police were called in after he gave a taxi driver a $1 tip and told him to ‘step out and show some respect’.

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  1. Didn’t those Foreigner-turned-Politisai also influenced all open-legged policies and even asked True Blue Singaporeans to leave?

    What’s Wrong?

    It’s just that this chap was caught and not one of the Animal Farm Run-Dogs!

    • Some of these foreign talents are but wolves in Sheepskins, wearing an ever deceiving signature jovial smile, wherever they go (笑里藏刀).

      Hence, it’s time to exercise prudence while embracing them so as not to 引狼入室 (ie: invite wolves to your hometown).

  2. Huang, who is still in Singapore, told the South China Morning Post that he had been notified by the government but he denied the allegations.
    “It’s nonsense to identify me as ‘an agent of influence’ for a foreign country,” he said. “And why didn’t they identify which foreign country they’re referring to? Is it the US or China?”
    He said he would seek help from his lawyer and the US embassy in Singapore.

  3. They have already infiltrated US universities for the longest time too. Just look at Harvard.

    Isn’t this the guy who bullied a cab driver when he alighted at LKYSPP?

  4. Until I c solid evidence that he engaged in espionage activities against Singapore, I tend to think this is more like a warning shot to Kishore for acting too independently incurring a rebuke from the Minister for Home Affairs. It is the pap government way of enforcing self censorship amongst academics.

  5. Cold feet?….but he was here for so long n now they then realised it??? He is been much sourced after by our own media…now this???
    Is it to kill one to silence all tactic???

  6. Reminds me of foreign agent Alex Josey influencing LKY
    “Q: Could his provocative speeches have been part of a deliberate strategy?

    I do not know why he did that. But he was influenced by Alex Josey, who came from the Middle East where he had been a reporter. Josey fed him ideas about the Muslims. The “Mad Mullahs.” The “Ultras.” Lee used the term, “Mad Mullahs.” This was Alex Josey’s phrase. Alex Josey was his close friend, golfing friend and biographer.

    Alex used to play golf with me. He was an operator. He used to pick me up as early as five a.m., because I had no one to play golf with at that time. He was an operator, feeding me stories of his experiences with the Arabs. I had suspicions about him. Now he’s dead.”

  7. It’s time to discern the Talents from the Trash, though they are all Talents by their own definitions, enjoying a great time Travelling between countries, such as a China mainlander having an American citizenship and Singapore PR status acting as an agent of influence of certain you-know-who country.

  8. Foreigners should not be put in a position of decision making in government. As advisers, it really does not matter whose agents they are. Our decision makers must listen from all sides and make the correct decision. That’s what they are paid to do.

    Surely, as it is, our leaders must have listened to many people, some even foreigners, especially of the situations in other countries, and from there make their policy decisions. Such decisions should be kept confidential, even secret.

    To make such decisions, there must be information. For example, what is likely to take place at the 19th National Congress of the CPC? Who are likely to be nominated in the new team? Will D. Trump attack N. Korea etc. We cannot just keep to ourselves and speculate. Best is if we have an insider. An insider definitely would need to have access to intelligence agencies, people of power etc. If these are advisers, what is the harm, if they are not decision makers? Of course, if they are here to spy, that is another matter. But ever heard of counter-intelligence?

  9. PAP’s famed Min. of Truth (dedicated to Alternative Facts & ‘Improving’ History) needs to improve its game. A mere shadow of its former glory under our Lord LKY

  10. This China born trash is the one who quarrel with the taxi driver to open the door for him. He gave $1 tip and ask The driver to open the door and the driver refused and the case was refer to the police . Fucking shame on him ! China born and became a US citizen and then turn to PR in Singapore . Who never sentence him to jail ? Cheapo

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