MH370 full of bullet holes says Aussie engineer

An Australian mechanical engineer claims to have found doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 using Google Earth, the first picture (above) shows what looks like a plane

An Australian engineer says he has found Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on Google Earth – and bizarrely claims the aircraft’s wreckage is riddled with bullet holes.

But no one really believes his claims though he is not the first to link an attack on the plane as the cause of its crashing in the Indian Ocean.

In an interview in French on the BFMTV based inĀ France, Ghislain Wattrelos who lost his wife and children when the MH370 went missing on a fatal day in May 2014 said he firmly believe the Americans know where the plane is but they have their reasons to remain silent.

Peter McMahon, the Aussie engineer is now saying the Americans are hiding information crucial to the discovery of the missing plane.

He took his claims one step further by saying he also believed US officials were refusing to search the area.

Four American investigators had been sent to Australia to work on the MH370 case but he believes they are keeping crucial information hidden.

‘They have made sure that all information received has been hidden from the public, even our government, but why,’ he said.

He sent the information to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau (ATSB) and they where unable to rule out completely that it wasn’t the missing plane.
The prevailing theory on the whereabouts of the plane is that it crash-landed in the Indian Ocean about six hours after take off.

The story published in the Daily Mail this week has gone viral.