MES Group quietly removes web info which links its leaders to PAP

picture credit: TOC

By: Forever Vagabond

Following the revelation that the company, KT Mesdorm, recently fined for its overcrowded foreign worker dormitory (, its parent goup, the MES Group, has quietly removed information which indicated its leaders links to the PAP.

It was earlier found that the MES Group is headed by Chairman Sidek Saniff and CEO Mohamed Abdul Jaleel. Mr Sidek Saniff is a former PAP Senior Minister of State for Education and Environment, and Mr Mohamed Abdul Jaleel is a prominent active PAP grassroots leader.

The removal of web information of the 2 PAP linked senior management staff of MES Group was discovered by blogger Phillip Ang (

Now, when one clicks on the 2 previously highlighted links:

It says “page not found”:
p1Blogger Phillip Ang commented, “The information deleted pertains to its CEO Jaleel (prominent PAP grassroots member) and Chairman Sidek Saniff (former minister). The deletion of selective information doesn’t change any fact. Really.”

That is, the deletion of such information from MES website does not change the fact that its subsidiary, KT Mesdorm, was fine $300,000 for housing 542 foreign workers above the legal limit in unsanitary and unhygienic living conditions in its dormitory.

Thanks to Phillip, he has already archived the deleted information on his blog:

“MES Group should clarify its reason for deleting the above information,” Phillip added.

KT Mesdorm is the first dormitory operator prosecuted and convicted in Court for breaching the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA). Hopefully, those information archived by Philip will help future generations of Singaporeans to remember the incident.