Mentally ill woman who threw raw pork at Muslim neighbour’s doorstep continues to terrorise neighbours


63-year-old Lee Dji Lin is back to her old ways of harassing her neighbours at Block 247, Tampines Street 21 following her return from court-ordered treatment after she was charged with harassing and intentionally wounding the religious feelings of her Muslim neighbours by throwing raw pork at their doorstep, among other acts.

The victim of the pork incident, 62-year-old widow Marliah Jonet, continues to face daily abuse from Lee Dji Lin, who was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. Marliah, who has been tormented by Lee for seven long years, has reported that she has sought the help of the police six times this month alone but that the situation has not improved at all, despite regular police visits.

Lee repeatedly insults Marliah daily in English, Malay and Hokkien. She was caught shouting that Marliah is “bored and whoever wants to have fun (with Marliah) can do it for free.” She also delivered an extremely low blow by calling her a “satan who ate her husband and daughter.”

Marliah’s daughter lost her life due to a virus in 2006 while her husband died six years later, in 2012, after a heart attack.

While reporters were at the scene recording the verbal abuse, Marliah was forced to call the police once again to settle yet another disturbance from Lee. She burst into tears as she told the police:

“This is harassment and I’ve suffered for seven long years. How can anyone take this? It hurts a lot when she brings up my husband and my second daughter. It took me three years of crying to get over her.”

During the trial over the pork incident, it was revealed that Lee was found holding a bamboo pole with a pair of panties attached to one end, trying to swing the pole towards the window of Marliah’s apartment in Tampines.

Four days later, Ms Marliah found a slab of raw pork on her doorstep. When her daughter reviewed CCTV footage from the camera they had installed outside their home, they found that the culprit was Lee.

The court also heard that Lee had taunted Ms Marliah with a pig-shaped figurine and by calling her “babi,” meaning pig in Malay.

Although it is beyond doubt that Marliah is deeply affected by Lee’s torture, she is not Lee’s only victim. One Chinese family who lived in the apartment opposite Lee a few years ago were forced to move out after Lee destroyed their altar and threw a chopper outside their unit. A neighbour recounted:

“She took a broomstick and hit their altar until it was destroyed. They were my friends (for a long time)…we were among the first to move into this block. But because of her, they had to move away.”

Another neighbour, a property agent, added:

“She also threw urine and water from her kitchen, and no one dared to hang out their clothes. When she was away in the IMH (Institute of Mental Health), everyone dared to hang out their clothes.”

A third neighbour recounted that Lee began harassing her family after she spotted the neighbour speaking to the police during investigations of the pork incident. Lee, who was previously on good terms with this neighbour, then began to pour dirty water on the neighbour’s doorstep and has taken to shouting at the children in the family. She even made a false complaint to the residents’ committee that the family were residing in their flat illegally.

It is unclear how the police or the Housing & Development Board, which has been petitioned repeatedly to step in, will handle and resolve this matter.

Woman who threw raw pork on Muslim neighbours’ doorstep sentenced to 2 years mandatory psychiatric treatment



  1. Since HDB homeowners are on a lease, the house technically still belong to the government. There should be a law written to evict owners who disrupt the peace in a neighbourhood, if there is evidence to show it.

    In this case a court ordered psychiatric treatment already show this lady has went beyond disrupting the peace.

    A new law should allow HDB to send her an eviction notice, pay her back whatever she has paid up and re-sell the house in open market. She can go sleep under a bridge for all we care.

    7 years of terrorism from this neighbour is no joke. Authorities should do something before someone takes it into their hands.

  2. Wow….something is wrong somewhere. 7 years living with a neighbour like this and still alive mentally sound is amazing Madam Marliah. I salute you. As for the other lady no matter what she will still continue to harass her neighbours since the law, HDB and government advisors cannot help further. One day,one fine day & maybe each day and everyday someone will throw urine, dead rats, goats head and human waste outside and inside her flat would be so sweet. It would be so nice. Imagine each day that happens to that crazy person……Everyday!!! Payback time

  3. I find it hard to believe or accept that the gov can’t do anything about this. Kudo to mdm Marliah Jonet. I can’t imagine what might have happened years ago if it was some other neighbour! Amazing!

  4. Under today’s guidelines, the good neighbour has to sue the bad neighbour repeatedly until the exclusion order was made but due to the mental status, she can easily argue her way thru. So best thing is to move out. IMH lacks of space to take care them. Dun forget the additional 3 million foreign talents added to the nation. They have to take care of them too.

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