McDonald’s introduces mobile phone lockers to encourage family bonding during meal times

(PHOTO: McDonald's)

McDonald’s has introduced mobile phone lockers and table service at its flagship Marine Cove outlet in Singapore in an effort to enhance quality time among loved ones, according to a statement by the fast-food chain today.

Linda Ming, McDonald’s director of communications and customer care said:

“As a popular restaurant destination for families, we have observed that the use of mobile devices during meal times may sometimes get in the way of family bonding.”

The mobile phone locker is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in Singapore. This initiative is meant to encourage parents and children to refrain from being engrossed in their devices but to instead enjoy family time face to face, according to McDonald’s.

In a survey conducted by the fast food chain last month, it was found that 98 per cent out of 302 parents surveyed and 91 per cent of all children surveyed use their mobile devices whenever they are together, and more than two-thirds of respondents reported using their smartphones during mealtimes.

This is in spite of the fact that most of the parents surveyed expressed that the use of mobile devices had decreased their interaction with their loved ones. These parents are apparently positive about the idea that could discipline them and their children to keep away from digital distractions during family time, McDonald’s said.

On top of mobile phone locking service, McDonald’s is also experimenting with table service at its Marine Cove outlet, led by “guest experience leaders” whose main role is to engage with families.

The feature will be available as an option at the self-ordering kiosk, it said.