Maserati driver plows into and drags traffic police officer before fleeing


A 33-year-old Maserati driver was charged in court over the weekend after he accelerated his car, plowed into and dragged a traffic police officer for about 100 metres before fleeing the scene.

The driver – Lee Cheng Yan – is believed to have injured the on-duty policeman in the hit-and-run incident, that occurred on Friday night around 9.20pm, to avoid enforcement checks. He was charged with causing grievous hurt with a rash act in court the next day.

A video uploaded on Facebook shows the white Maserati, believed to be the car involved, speeding on the wrong side of the road:



Posted by Singapore Uncensored – Bringing you uncensored coverage on Friday, 17 November 2017

The 26-year-old traffic police officer, Khairulanwar Abd Kahar, suffered serious bodily injuries and was conveyed to the hospital, while the car was later found abandoned at Cedar Avenue.

Police officers subsequently tracked Lee down and arrested him at a HDB unit along Geylang Bahru Road, a few hours after the hit-and-run.

This is not the driver’s first brush with the law.

Lee has been charged for illegal modifications, such as an altered exhaust system, for his Maserati. He has also been charged for driving recklessly and injuring a motorcyclist, causing him to suffer fractures and abrasions, in an Orchard Road accident previously.

He was fined $13,500 this July for the two offenses, after he was caught using the altered car eight times between May 2013 and November 2015.

The court rejected Lee’s request for bail on Saturday and ordered that he be remanded for one week at Bedok police station. He will return to court this Friday and faces a maximum 4-year jail term and/or maximum $10,000 fine, if convicted.



  1. Shove the full extent of the law up his ass! Add 33 strokes of the rotan.. 1 for each year of his age. Had enuf of these mff maseratis drivers who think they own the damn roads!!

  2. To spot someone means the person have to be some distance away, the policeman’s motorbike is already in front of his car trying to block him from escaping and already in front of the driver door. That is not spotting, should charge him with attempted murder.

  3. Put him attempted terrorism charge. Can do this to police officer.. Means he can do so to civilians using car as weapons.
    So that others who drives sports car will be warned.

  4. The Independent. Conflicting accounts: first read report was he reversed into the TP, not rammed him from the front ( which obviously sound more serious)
    Care to share?

  5. He probably have something worse in his possession if the TP manage to check his car..if I have drugs, I will probably do the same, RUN.. drugs hang you if over the limit.

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