MAS MD Ravi Menon best central bank governor in APAC

Picture Credit: Video grab of Menon

Ravi Menon, the of the Monetary Authority of (MAS), has been named the best central governor in for 2018 by UK-based magazine

In the past, was also given this award in 2011 when he was then MAS’

Under Menon’s leadership, the MAS pursued a “cutting-edge regulatory approach to fintech while maintaining macroeconomic stability”, said The Banker.

It also banned several high-profile bankers for their role in the Malaysian 1MDB scandal, a scandal of global reach that has been called the biggest historical corruption and kleptocracy scandal in mankind’s history.

“You can only encourage technology to the extent that you can also contain and manage its risks. A smart financial centre must be a safe financial centre as well,” said in an interview to the magazine.

MAS also sought to cool demand in for cryptocurrencies, warning that investors should weigh up the significant risks before pouring money in.