Marsiling woman allegedly tries to trap cats to feed snake; beats man who confronts her


A woman was caught on camera shuffling in a Marsiling alleyway in what appears to be a suspicious manner. When confronted, she swings a metal rod with a net attached to it towards the man who confronted her and strikes him before screaming that he has invaded her privacy.

The video of the incident was shared on social media by Facebook user Jewel Jewel Ramli, who claims that the woman is trapping cats “maybe to feed the snakes”. Ramli claimed that the woman had been trying to capture a grey cat (pictured above) in the video and was caught in the act.

In the video, the woman can be seen walking towards a rubbish bin and nudging at something behind the bin with a long implement. Shortly thereafter, she reaches down and picks what appears to be a pair of boots up.

At this point, she notices a man filming her and she uses the metal rod to strike him. Despite the intervention of another lady filming the scene, the woman hurls vulgarities and screams: “Why you take my picture? For what? My face is my privacy! He take my picture without my permission!”

The woman who was filming cautions the other woman that she will call the police. The alleged cat trapper continues to scream but walks away from the scene quickly, shortly after:

Posted by Jewel Jewel Ramli on Saturday, 24 February 2018

Ramli posted online that the grey cat is now safely boarded at the home of a cat feeder to protect the cat from harm. She cautioned cat owners to avoid allowing their cat to roam and urged cat feeders to call the police if they see the alleged cat snatcher in action again.