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Manchester bombing – what we can learn from this blood donor




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You would have read the news by now – 22 people were killed on Monday in a bombing at a pop concert in Manchester, England. Police have so far arrested 3 persons believed to be connected to the terrorist attack.

In Singapore, Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam posted about it on his Facebook page shortly after the news broke.

Mr Shanmugam, in recent months, has been sounding the warning that Singapore is being targeted by terrorists and that we should all be alert and be ready to deal with such an eventuality.

The Government’s message is “not if, but when” an attack happens, Singaporeans must stand together and not allow the terrorists to divide us. But such a message, in the absence of an actual attack, is rather abstract.

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So, who can we learn from? The answer is obvious – those who have gone through such an experience.

And in this latest incident in the UK, listen to the words of Ian, a blood donor, being interviewed by the media outside a blood clinic.

“We can react in anger, or we can react by doing,” he said.

We leave it to Ian to remind us that we are a community, with our way of life which we have created for ourselves, through very hard work and much sacrifices, and we must never allow murderous animals to try and destroy this even as we suffer and stand in solidarity with those most harmed by the vicious acts of murder.

“This city is a community,” Ian said. “They wants us to turn on our neighbours and it will never happen.”

Powerful words from blood donor Ian in Manchester

"We can react in anger. Or we can react by doing" – powerful interview with blood donor Ian in Manchester

Posted by The Today Programme on Tuesday, 23 May 2017

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