Man wins $18,500 in 987FM’s contest

Photo: Facebook, 987FM

Obbana Rajah

After five weeks of guessing what the sound played on Mediacorp radio station 987 was, a man known as Mr Lee got it right yesterday, winning himself a whopping $18,500.

The mystery sound being played was that of a computer monitor being shifted up and down.

987’s Secret Sound contest began on the 26th of March, where listeners had to guess what a mystery sound was, and would win cash prizes if they were right.

The prize started off at $5000, and each day where there were no correct guesses, $500 would be added to the total prize money. Slightly over a month later with a slew of incorrect guesses, the total came up to $18,500 when Mr Lee, an IT engineer guessed.

There were no clues given since even the 987DJs themselves did not know what the right answer was. All listeners had was the sound being played for three seconds each time before they could call in, with people dialling 987’s hotline up to 100 times to get through for their shot at the money.

Everyone was very surprised at the answer and took to social media to express their disbelief that someone had actually guessed it.