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Man who wears motorbike helmet backwards gets teased endlessly – and then cautioned by netizens




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In a video that went viral, an Indian man on a motorbike was teased for wearing his helmet backwards. The Indian man, pillion rider was at a traffic light when men a lorry pointed it out in jest. Their advice was taken with a laugh, and he wore it the right way before driving off.

The video of the man was received with many laughs and also warnings from the online community, who said that if the man were to be caught by traffic police, he would incur a penalty.

Cute man wears helmet wrongly at Orchard Rd

BRO SO CUTE LA Credit: Khrl Azhr

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Thursday, 11 October 2018

In the video, two men in a lorry next to their motorbike say with a laugh, “Abang (brother), this helmet wrong side lah”.

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The motorcyclist, who also did not seem to realize that his pillion rider had his helmet on backwards was very amused and laughed.

One of the men in the lorry also added on a more serious note that the pillion rider should wear the helmet the correct way lest they get caught or fined by traffic police.

Netizens made light of the situation, however many also added that the pillion rider should not be embarrassed on social media.


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