Man who striped naked in MRT train travelling from Jurong East to Woodlands shocks commuters

Jacky K shared the picture of a naked man lying down in an MRT train. Netizens commenting on the picture which was first shared on All Singapore Stuff said that the incident happened last night (10 Dec) in a train which was travelling from the Jurong East station to the one in Woodlands. The striper was caught by the MRT staff at the Marsiling station. He had allegedly peed in his pants before stripping naked.

Others who commented on the picture said that he could be high on drugs or alcohol, or could even be suffering from mental illness. They wondered why no one stepped forward to help the man earlier.

Facebook user Chen Zefu who was on the train said that it is not true that commuters were apathetic to the man who may have needed help. He said that a Malay woman alerted SMRT about the situation by pressing the emergency button. He said that the man put on his pants and T-shirt and walked out of the train when the MRT staff approached him. He tried to re-enter the train later but was prevented from doing so by the MRT staff.