Man who ambushed and assaulted Singaporean brothers in JB identified as Singapore PR serving NS


Two Singaporean brothers who were visiting Johor Bahru were ambushed and violently assaulted by a gang of Malaysians over the weekend. The main ringleader was discovered to be a Malaysian citizen who is a permanent resident in Singapore, serving his National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces.

The brothers, believed to be named Willy and Kay, were waiting to board a bus when an argument started between them and a 20-year-old young girl who tried to cut the bus queue. One of the siblings described the event to a local news website:

“The argument started when me and brother told a girl off for cutting in front of us in a queue for the bus at Bukit Indah, JB, while we were carrying our heavy luggage. Instead of apologizing, the girl and her boyfriend started to taunt and insult us. Later, we were extremely terrified as we saw 6, 7 guys ambushing us right after we stepped down from the bus.”

The brothers were then assaulted by the group, which included the boyfriend’s mother who allegedly threatened the brothers that she will tell the police that the boys molested her. The father of one of the assailants was also present and reportedly whacked the boys with a wooden stick during the altercation.

The brothers were also strangled, punched and beaten before a member of the public who is said to be a local police officer arrived at the scene.

Posted by Jason Soong on Saturday, 22 July 2017

One of the brothers was beaten so badly that he had to be rushed to the hospital upon their return to Singapore, the Chinese daily reported.

When the brothers went to Bukit Panjang North Neighbourhood Police Post, they were surprised to discover that the mastermind of the ambush – the 20-year-old girl’s boyfriend – is a Malaysian who was serving his NS at SAF since he is a Singapore PR. One brother wrote:

“I am very puzzled. Why are we allowing such thing to happen? The Singapore government has been generous, in supporting foreigners to live and grow in this land. Is that what we get in return? SAF has been working hard to protect fellow Singaporeans from all possible threats. Why is he (the culprit), as an NSF serving in SAF, committing such horrible crime overseas? As a concerned, righteous citizen, I think this is truly unacceptable.”

新加坡国民服役人员(pr)在马来西亚耍流氓吊水打人事情发生在bukit indah jusco 前面的bus stop 时间是7月21號(星期五)晚上10.45pm左右。事情是这样的,我朋友在新加坡放工回来,在新加坡关卡排队时有一位女生…

Posted by Jason Soong on Saturday, 22 July 2017


  1. Malaysia chinese are the worst you see them working as cook and retail in singapore u can talk to them and know that they are damn barbaric and rough

  2. He’s NSF, send the bastard to 24 months DB! Blacklist his entire family from ever entering Singapore and withdraw all PR status granted! If they own any properties in Singapore, confiscate all that!

    They want to be barbaric right!? Let’s go barbaric on them!

    • Sow Meng Wong well they were colonial slaves and now they are PRCs! Just because they got PR or citizenship from through migration doesn’t change the fact they are PRCs!

      Laugh at them in return plus they really have got no say in even who they want as a leader. They can only choose from the candidates Beijing says they can.

      So why are they laughing at us?

    • Sow Meng Wong why u so affected by such HongKees. In fact we will have the biggest laugh n yet we don’t have to do anything to them coz in a few years time China will do something to them. Actually it has already started… big Brother is slowly strangling them.

    • Michael Lum Your suggestion of such barbaric treatment for what is basically an assault case is more bastard than the bastard. We are hearing only one sided account. Let have an independent account before jumping into conclusion. The two brothers may not be angels themselves.

    • Howe Peek doesn’t matter if they are angels or not. Fact is they were assaulted in such barbaric manner it cancel out any right.

      Yes my suggestion is more bastardy but that’s the only way to fight bastards! Be one up on them

    • Jeffrey Koh it is more of frustration at Sinkies’ plight that these Hongkees are jeering us at our lack of power of Objection. The PAP renders us impotent, and cowed. It’s leadership would grovel on its knees to Emperor Xi for a pat on its head. It is no surprise that even the people from the nation of maids are taunting us that we are losing our jobs to them because employers prefer them. So we must contemplate on our failings? Who puts us up to be shamed? I don’t want our sons and husband to die for this country that despise them.

    • Sow Meng Wong the very big difference between us n Hong Keez is we have the power to change anything n everything that u are whining n crying about at the ballot box every 5 years while they have no such luxury n their fate is in the hands of others.

  3. Think the two bros also small brain lah. Normally in a queue, bus or ferry, seeingfamily members split in between they will allow us to join them. Sometimes we don’t want but they invite us to go over. They said small matter. That’s why I find this fight unnecessary. Spoilt the holiday spirit.

  4. Singaporeans are naive. We are a orderly society because our police can effectively enforced rule of laws. When you are in Malaysia you don’t imposed the Malaysians to behave accordingly to our way of life. Different system , different protections.

  5. Singapore is inviting Malaysians to sign up as citizens in huge numbers. 20,000 or more every 6 months. Now you know why there seem to be a shortage in HDB flat. Preference given to them in grants, HDB loans and school for their children So that you go idiots who you have been voting.

  6. Hey, next time plan before you go to a foreign country. Plan to the last details especially plan for eventualities like being bullied. United you stand and divided you fall, thats the moto in confronting violence. Whenever you encounter should barbaric behavours, stand united and contront the issue with one voice and act with one force. Remember, no one plan to fail but many failed to plan leading to much regrets. As with this case, i must say, Singaporean systems have played a part in molding us into what we are so much so that when we are confronted with situations like this, we cannot react. Fundamentally, we are too protected in Singapore as the state is too well grease with law and order. Always remember, how well we are protected we are still living in a violent world where the authorities are not there always to render the protected we need as in this case. We must always be well equip whether in our physical form or take initiative to protect ourselves with some defensible weapons of sort. Even a small hard object would make a difference when come to confrontation. I am happy that the assailant had been identified as one foreigner who has found his way into our core system: National service for citizenship. Mindelf should act quickly to eliminate such roudy elements. He is probably a rotten core already in Malaysia prior to joining the SAF. He should be dealt with severely and be deported from Singapore. We have had too many such unhappy incidences for our comfort as a result of the so called, Promotion of Foreign Talents already. Its time to consider our own core values, and promote Singapore for Singaporeans.

  7. Comparing the ppl mindset of first world country and third world countries is totally different. The absent of disciplining the ppl is zero. We can’t educate their ppl to follow rules as we practise here. They are easily agitated and behave like wild beast.

  8. We singaporeans have to put our differences aside and unite. Otherwise we are being bullied both inside and outside Singapore. We should look out for each other from now on before it’s too late.

  9. It’s good to discover who’s the ring leader. Give him n those involved, the maximum of rotan n jail terms. We must shown the law in Singapore “don’t play play”. Hope 1 of the brothers, who was beaten badly, “a speedy recovery”.

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