Man troubled by father’s death dashes onto road; 6 officers pin him down and arrest him for attempted suicide


A 30-year-old man was arrested under an attempted suicide case, after he dashed onto the roads near Block 842, Tampines Street 82 on Monday, around 8pm.

According to the Chinese daily, the man had gone on a rampage and dashed onto the roads, troubled by the passing of his father.

The man, who was living with his father and stepmother in the same block, had grown increasingly troubled since his father passed away from a heart disease a few months ago. He presently lives alone since his stepmother has not returned to the flat since her husband’s death.

According to an eyewitness, several officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had been deployed to the scene.

Six officers had to pin the man down to subdue and arrest him.

Chinese reporters later spotted the man restrained near a fitness corner of the block, surrounded by six police officers and two paramedics. The man could reportedly be heard shouting: “I don’t want your help!”

The man demanded for the officers to let go of him when they tried to calm him down and reportedly kept shouting, “Let go of me. I don’t want to be calm. Let me go!”

As the man was in a volatile mental state, the officers pinned him down before leading him to a police vehicle and escorting him to a police station. The man could be heard shouting:

“I want to get up. I’m not going to the police station. Don’t touch me!”

A police spokesman has confirmed that investigations are ongoing.


    • No, he is correct. But ordinary constables might not have the psychiatric skill even if they are empathic. A more mature, intelligent, experienced and well-trained officer should be at the scene. Better still if a woman officer is available to calm him with a feminine touch.

    • Mohd Ihsan and Kris Chee what both of you said is very true.
      The police are being sympathetic and have to subdue him as he may hurt himself or others. Officers attending to the case are trained in this area. A person wanting to self-destruct or take his or her own life have to be restrained. The officers are compassionate.

      As mentioned by Mohd Ihsan, the police have grounds to arrest him for his own safety and well being and that of the others. This is an offence under the Penal Code and insofar as the matter is concerned, it is considered as a “seizable” offence.
      The person would be referred to a specialist who would deal with him.
      I have not heard of such cases going to Court as the Learned AG would normally agree with the recommendations of the Investigation Officer.
      Do remember one of the primary duty of a policeman is to save life.

    • Sukhdev Singh Gill you sound like someone who is very familiar with our legal system. Thank u for sharing your insightful view however l have many personal encounters of our men in blue who have mishandled many cases.

      Maybe unintentionally, definately inexperienced no matter how long they have been with the forces or totally unprofessional for others.

      Perhaps if the article would have used a ‘gentler’ term, it would sound less harsh to me.

      Our society still has a very long way to go in term of professionalism, compassion, kindness, graciousness n many more.

      Nonetheless l hope we get better n be more empathetic even towards those who have committed a crime.

      Once again thank you for sharing Sir.

    • Kris Chee, thank you. Yes I am familiar with our legal system. I was with the Civil Service for close to 32 years. I am already coming to 67.
      Our men and women in blue are in a very difficult position. They are expected to make decisions on the spot. It isn’t easy. They have been attacked on many occasions and some have even faced crisis situations.
      Our offices are mostly young and it will take them time to become more au-fait or familiar. Give them the time. They are our children, brothers and sisters.

  1. This is real drama to gain publicity and sympathy. Hello…if really wants to commit suicide nobody can stop you. Why needs to dash across road and wait till police arrived than shouted to let go? Can always do it quietly or can even jump down from flat right?

  2. He must hv been treating his old man badly, been very rude , or had a big fight just before the old man kicked the bucket… dats y he’s very very upset, guilty, disturbed etc n hence the wayang…..seems to me, mr ‘dont wanna calm down’ is acting out of guilt…. guilt dat will fug him up the rest of his pathetic life…. a lot of fuckers like him out there….

  3. Case of police empowering g themselves, worsening the deep state of sadness of their vixtom, with saving their own faces from shame of being over powered, with wrongdul arrest. Bloody kayus, ownself bully own people.

  4. Wow , this white T shirt man must be really strong . 4 skilled police officers in defense tactic plus one wayang ASP are needed to hold him down .
    Perhaps he is a metal human …. give way to the flash to deal with him . All you mortals please stand aside

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