Singapore News Man stuck outside his window gets rescued by SCDF

Man stuck outside his window gets rescued by SCDF




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An elderly man got rescued by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) after he was stuck on a parapet outside his 12th-floor window on Monday, February 4.

A Yishun man who allegedly climbed out of his window to clean it was not able to climb back to his unit at Block 676B Yishun Ring Road, 1:50 pm that day.

Rescuers managed put him back to safety by climbing in a unit above the window, rappelling down to where the man was, and helping him get back inside his unit.

The incident was filmed in a 15-minute Facebook video that was uploaded in the Facebook page SG Chinese Community Club, posted on the following day, February 5. As of the moment of writing, the video has 33 thousand views and 298 shares.

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A Malay man who presumably filmed the scene was heard speaking in the video and assumed that it was a suicide attempt.

Here is the summary of the viral 15-minute video:

In the beginning of the video, the Malay man said, “This morning when I got home, the police went up… About two to three policemen went up earlier… It’s been about an hour.”

At around three minutes, the Malay man began to suspect that it is suicide. He postulated that if the elderly man really wanted to die, he should have done it sooner.

At 8:40, the Malay man said he got tired of holding of holding his phone. He noticed that a SCDF officer is on a standby, and said “Hopefully nothing goes wrong.”

Around 12:30 into the video, the rescue begins. It can be seen that the SCDF men are setting up their equipment for rescue.

Eventually, the SCDF, from the window above the flat, went down toward the elderly man. Three SCDF personnel were seen helping the elderly man get back inside his flat.

At the end of the video, the Malay man said he was thankful the elderly man got rescued.

According to SCDF, the case was given in the hands of the police.

It remains unclear whether he just went there to clean his window or if it is indeed a suicide attempt.

Watch the Facebook video here:

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