Man said Singapore shouldn't be arrogant to avoid bombings like Turkey


At least 36 people were killed and scores wounded after a triple suicide bombing and gun attack the Istanbul Ataturk international airport at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, in a deadly strike to rock Turkey’s biggest city. A SIA flight enroute to Istanbul also had to turn back to Singapore after bombs rocked the airport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that all Singaporeans in Turkey were safe.
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A Singaporean Indian Muslim man has now supported the attacks on Turkey. Writing in his Facebook, M Na’im Sahib Marican said: “We have a right to slaughter Turkey. God gave us the right even before we were born.”
screenshot_nain1Na’im said Turkey deserves to be bombed because they were arrogant and said Singapore should not be like that country to avoid a similar fate.
1He further shared a text in support of Jihad.
screenshot_nain5In his later posts, he seemed to suggest that he was talking about the bird turkey and not the country Turkey. but did not clarify how slaughtering the bird has got anything to do with bombings.
screenshot_nain6The Facebook user also shared an article from the publication, The Diplomat, titled ‘The Battle that Kept the Chinese out of Central Asia‘, and commented: “Battle of Talas.. When the Muslims controlled the Turks and pushed the Chinese out.”
screenshot_nain7The man is apparently a resident of Marine Parade GRC.