Man in Singapore interested in contractual marriage to get BTO flat, looking for applicants

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Singapore – On January 11, a 27-yr old guy in Singapore posted in SIM Confessions asking for anyone interested in a contractual marriage so that he can cut costs on his monthly rent and apply for a BTO together with his new wife.

The SIM Confessions Facebook page is the unofficial account managed by students of Singapore Institute of Management. The goal of this page is to engage with the students and alumni of SIM and discover the musings of everyone affiliated with the school.

The page gets a lot of romance-related confessions such as those asking for advice in approaching their crushes or those who want to declare the radiating beauty of a girl they saw at the bus or during a lecture.

Then there was SIM Confession 11584, which is from a 27-yr old “dude” who is looking for better ways to cut his monthly expenses. His solution? To enter into a contractual marriage with someone so that they can get a BTO flat together. This guy sees his monthly rent of S$500 to be too wasteful and would rather pay double on something he owned and not leased.

He was quite specific with his terms as well and mentions that his prospective partner could continue to date other guys and could even bring him into their future flat. When they do move in together, he said that the girl can have the room with a bathroom. How sweet. He even went as far as to approve the girl bringing back her boyfriend as long as he gets to take a “sneak peek when they are going at it.”

Read the full confession below:

Photo: Facebook screengrab

False marriages

If the guy is a foreign national, he will have some problems with his plans because there are laws against sham marriages in Singapore that prohibit a Singaporean entering in a false marriage with a foreign national. These are usually entered upon for monetary reasons or a way to let the foreigner live in the country.

However, there are no laws that say two Singaporeans entering into a contractual marriage is illegal. They just have to submit their valid marriage certificate and the flat is as good as theirs.

Surprisingly, many have expressed their interest in this post with many wishing to be signed up.

Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab

Others were tagging their friends and volunteering them while some were wondering if the post came from a friend and tagging them to ask.

Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab