Man hounds elderly cardboard collector using wheelchair for being an alleged scammer


A video of a man hounding an elderly man who appears to be a cardboard collector has been making the rounds in social media. In the video, the person shooting the footage can be heard claiming that the wheelchair user is a liar and a scammer.

The elderly man tries to get away from the Chinese man shooting the video and appears to attempt to conceal his face. He even appears to throw what looks like a plastic bottle in the direction of the man filming him.

In the ensuing confrontation, the elderly man loses his grip on some empty cans and bottles he is holding onto and pushes the wheelchair he is using and the trolley full of cardboard pieces he is pushing around onto the road.

When a few Indian bystanders appear and try to help the man, the Chinese man shooting the video repeats that the elderly man is a scammer and tries to say “Poikaaran nambadheenga” – meaning “he’s a liar, don’t believe him.”

The bystanders do not seem to understand the Chinese man or care to listen to him and attempt to help the wheelchair user:

wheelchair scammer beg money farrer park

wheelchair man beg money from drivers; kind man say he is regular scammer at farrer park

Posted by SINK – Singapore Ink on Sunday, 3 December 2017

Netizens responding to the video online have predominantly excoriated the man shooting the video, saying that even if the wheelchair user is a scammer, he shouldn’t have been treated like that:


  1. Why the person took video don’t have a good heart to offer him help instead making him scare n almost fall. He pick up cardboard n cans n asking for help or $ but he didn’t ROB or STEAL! He ask he’s not cheating! U want to give them give n if u don’t want to give shut up n don’t create evil n wickedness on a poor old man. He’s old n how much can he cheat? How much can he eat? How long can he live?

  2. On the wheelchair doesn’t mean he is handicapped and immobile! Idiot, u r pushing him to the road yet he’s still trying to pick up the van. How can you do that ? You are damn busybody and judgmental. If u think he cheats, report him to the authorities and let them handle. Don’t act smart and create uncalled for nuisance in the public and endanger the helpless life. Kaypoh.

  3. Who would want to collect cardboard and empty cans during raining day?

    Would it better to prevent slip and fall.?
    Would he be suffering for unbalance?
    Would it be better with more load and wheelchair assessable for heavier load?

    If he is doing with his wheelchair and trolley would it better to prevent all these slippy surface?
    What got the video man got to do with him?

    Did he steal?
    Did he beg you for money?
    Did he did anything wrong even if he is able to stand up?

    What wrong with it?


    Our system does not say you can’t pick up empty cans or cardboard with your wheelchair on.

    This is honest living at least. He don’t beg you for money or steal others goods.

    I think he is infringing into others private living.

    Be more empathy instead since is raining.

    Consciousness Vs MYOB
    Righteousness Vs Kpkb

    Mindfulness Vs your own Consciousness.


  4. Another idiotic person who have nothing to do and to disturb someone who did no harm to you and to the society. So what will you gain by doing these and why don’t you spend this time helping those really in need instead rather than doing such childish act.

  5. Luckily i was not there
    Would have slam the bloody asshole who took this video
    Causing pain , suffering n shame for the
    elderly …
    What do we have lose if he beggar
    The biggest crooks are not men on the street but men in white sitting in the aircon rooms a sucking dry our cpf

  6. He’s not begging but trying to earn a living collecting card board and cans. Although our esteem ministers will say the man is just out exercising. Worst of all, he probably have thousands of dollars in his cpf which he can’t withdraw.

  7. For heaven sake sitting on a wheel chair doesn’t mean he is handicapped you moron! Look at his age he is so old and still gotta fend for his living and yet u stress him further by chasing him along the main road causing him to lose control of the wheelchair onto main road. Have you considered what if there were passerby cars thus causing him to lose his life! He has to walk miles just to collect this amount of cupboards at this age. Do u think he can do that at his age? Did he scammed u? You stupid pea brained moron!

  8. What could he possibly be cheating?? Millions of dollars from an organisation? Syphoning the people’s money? What?? Who is this bastard who is recording this??

  9. This common sight in Singapore Swiss standard of living as promised by those white monkeys in parliament that our country fellowmen will enjoy by the year 2000 ! Not only do pathetic are our senior citizens begging around us public singers, selling tissue papers, collecting trash cans as an exercise describe by our 4th generation white monkeys! Senior citizens have backache therefore he sat on wheelchair !
    Nobody like to be in such a pathetic plight, that is why he uses an umbrella to cover his face!
    Sad truth is the rich Muslim mosques did not help him!
    Many a time, religious person feel cheated like God’s wounded fool when their place of worship has lots of rich brothers and sisters but nobody offer a helping hand!
    Those who are generous to the poor, lend it to God (Proverbs 19:17)
    Psalms 41:1-3 Blessed is he who regard the weak and help the poor, as in his sickbed, the lord will heal him

  10. Seriously how much can this old man scam ?
    This is a growing phenomena where people misdirect their anguish, anxiety and lash out at others because they think they are exacting some kind of social justice.
    Think deeply enough, we all know who are the real scammers and bullies who have caused us so much pain.

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