Man downgrades from landed property to HDB and fights for his dog


Facebook user Steven Neo is fighting hard to keep his dog in its forever home. He said that he went to a police post on 31 July to update his new residential address, and got a shocking text message from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) soon after he did that. He was told that his golden retriever would not be allowed in his HDB flat.

Steven said that he had to move from a landed property to a HDB flat as it was getting too expensive for him to continue living in a private property. He also said that he has had his dog, Coco, since it was 6 months old. The dog is now ten years old.

Steven is worried that no one will want to adopt a dog as old as Coco, and if he surrenders her to a shelter, it would be put down if there are no adopters after a certain period of time.

He wrote in an appeal to HDB to AVA to make an exception to allow his dog to continue living with him.