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Man decides to take a dip in Sembawang Hot Spring Park’s communal foot bath area

Much to the dismay of others, the older man immersed his entire body in the pool instead of just soaking his feet




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The newly opened Sembawang Hot Spring Park drew many people who came to enjoy the warm 40 degree celcius water, soak their feet and even cook some eggs. However, one man decided to immerse his entire body in the water, drawing rather irate reactions from netizens.

One netizen, Ryan Tyras recently shared a photo of an older looking man sitting inside the pool instead of on the bench.

The photo of the man went viral, garnering more than 1,000 shares on social media.

Tyras also wrote, “The moment he dipped his body inside, everybody got away from the water”.

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“Yes you can wipe over your body with a towel and pails was provided for personal use but he went overboard to dip his whole body.”

He said, “Uncle if you pee inside nobody knows.”

Many netizens complained that what the elderly man was doing was unhygienic. However, the park does not have signs explicitly prohibiting visitors from immersing themselves in the water, just a sign beside the pool that indicates that it is a “foot bath area”.

Illustrations also depict how people can sit on the benches beside the pool to soak their feet.

The post with the man’s image has since been removed. /TISG

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