Man claims that police at MRT station have checked him 20 times recently, possibly due to a small tattoo


A Singaporean man claims that police officers patrolling Redhill MRT station have stopped him about 20 times in the last few months to check him, possibly due to a small tattoo he has.

The netizen, Melvin Chin, wrote to the Singapore Police Force’s Facebook page today and revealed that he has never been stopped at the station when he wear formal clothes. He has only been checked when he wears casual apparel where his tattoo can presumably be seen.

Extremely courteous, Chin thanked the Force for their service and clarified that he is fine with the checking, as long as it is conducted fairly, without discrimination:

Dear SPF, I really appreciate your effort to keep Singapore safe.

However you may need to relook into the SOP for checking individual IDs at MRT Stations.

I live nearby to Redhill MRT station and hence look for my Friend working there for lunch or after work coffee.

While I have Never been checked while wearing office clothings, I have Always been checked while dressed up casual, sporting a small tattoo on my forearm.

The Officers always tells me it’s “random check” but I’ve been checked 20 over times over few months in casual, compared to “0” times in office wear.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m ok with the checking, but do it fairly, without discrimination.

Thank you for your hard work in keeping Singapore safe. Majulah Singapura!

Dear SPF, I really appreciate your effort to keep Singapore safe.However you may need to relook into the SOP for…

Posted by Melvin Chin on Tuesday, 19 December 2017


  1. I don’t think they are doing a good job, if they don’t check u in office wear ZERO times. So next time someone will take this loophole and makes these patrolling effort, useless

  2. Either he is much luckier with the blue boys than 4D or matches their official lookout profiles to the T! Certainly no victimisation here as the operations have been carried out by 20 different officers!

  3. I have personally observed “random check” a lot more frequently on individuals with visible tattoos and ethnic Indians.

    Aside from the implications of prejudice, I also figure that terrorists aren’t completely foolish either and will exploit these prejudices to their advantage.

  4. whatever it is , its one sided story , also never provide evidence. Even if its true , this whole world is full of unjust shit la , ppl born diff country diff wealth status and diff looks already unfair liao ; grow up sia

  5. The Police should respond whether the person’s allegation or claim is true or false, and also provide an explanation/clarification here.

  6. There was once i also kena. So i believe they have different things to look out for at different times. Mayb this 3 mths they look out for tatoo. Next 3 mths they look out for tall n skinny guys, then …..

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