Man caught sexually harassing young woman on MRT


An older man has been caught on camera deliberately placing his hand on a young woman’s thigh surreptitiously while seated next to her in an MRT which was allegedly travelling somewhere along the East-West line.

The act appears to have been caught by a passenger standing in front of the man who captured the incident on tape. It is unclear whether Facebook user Winna Chan who shared the video on her page warning fellow users was the one who took the video or whether she did anything to stop the man.

Commentators have criticised the person taking the video for shooting what was happening without stopping the man, alerting the police or SMRT staff, although it remains unknown whether such action was taken.

Close to 1,400 outrage of modesty cases were reported last year, according to the Singapore Police Force.

Beware of this guy!! Happened in east west line just now. Stupiak guy!!!

Posted by Winna Chin on Saturday, 1 July 2017


  1. With Legal Prostitution present in SG; This is unacceptable. But not to punish inhumane since we men are hard wired that way. This kinda silly acts has to be treated just with instant punishments.

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